The New consciousness of plant beauty


What I'm meaning to express with these oils is the essence of true beauty. No make up, no mask, just a beauty surrounding you, and you are that beauty. These oils are about a connection with the self and nature, a oneness with it all. They are about feeling so close to mother nature that I am her and she is me.  Just the sun, the air, the water, dirt and sky. High on feather eagle sky. - Jessika




Published Writing


An Ode to the Sacred Cosmic Dimensions of Earth, Spirit, Love, and Life

Erwan and Jessika, WeMOVE Magazine


Our oils are more than just skin care, they are a ritual of self love. They affirm daily that without makeup, without a mask, you are enough. For everyone, when they are truly themselves, is beautiful. 


May the six directions empower this medicine work. May it be pleasing to my grandmothers, the ancient ones. And may it be of benefit to all beings.

- Native Prayer