Kahmen Ceh

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Alignment. In a non subjective way. I've really had to reframe mainstream beliefs around success because it's so dualistic and materially driven. Success for me is a journey of alignment with my life's path which is mainly about listening and surrendering to what's in the present moment. Rather than being driven by my conditioning to thinking I need to do what is right, feels good, purposeful and or grasping for that "extraordinary" life. 

What is magic for you?
I'm laughing, because as a birth worker. I compare and relate everything to birth! Creation to me is magic, which I call God. Nature or Source. Again I've had to relearn what magic is for me, because a magician is often a trickster or someone who can hide the truth for aesthetics. For me true magic is alchemical and is powered by the forces of creation.

What is love for you?
Connection. When there is mutual exchange of energy and creation of more energy in the most positive way for all.

What is your beauty/ health practice? 
Beauty practice to me is paying attention to myself, all the nitty gritty things; emotionally, spiritually and physically. Even if it's an afternoon of cleaning my ears, clipping my nails, exfoliating my whole body so it's fresh and clean and then sitting in the sun and paying attention to what's going on for me internally... I don't really think in terms of being beautiful anymore, I just do my best to be as physically healthy and spiritually diligent as possible without comparing it to anyone else (however always deeply inspired by others) and paying attention to what is relevant to serving me in the moment.

What that has come to look like is choosing quality nutrient mineral rich locally sourced as much as possible meat and produce, good fats, fermented foods, home grown greens, local spring water, loads of herbal teas and Chinese herbs, dry skin brushing, clay and salt baths, essential oils, self dental care, movement, yoga, dancing, running, ice skating and hockey, body work, chiropractic and acupuncture (I'm a cupping addict), crying, laughing, sex, snuggling with my family and filling up our love cups (which is unique for all of us), breath-work, cold water immersion, sitting down in the sunshine with a herbal tea and just brushing my scalp and hair with honey and coconut oil until I'm tingling all over. I've been washing my body with honey and oats since a little girl and love to use food for my hair and body, so the things I use are pretty minimal (or in the fridge) which is why I love feather eagle sky. It's one of the only products that isn't out of the pantry or garden that I use.

Oh haha.. and sleep. That is definitely something I am getting better at making a priority in my life and giving more value too. Learning to be a more proactive indulgent sleeper.

And on a more recent holistic health discovery. I've discovered the power of having an empathy partner.. For the last 6 months every week, me and a friend from an aware parenting circle I am in. Call each other, set the timer for 20-30 minutes each and then just use our time to say what ever it is we need to talk about. Usually all the stuff we don't want to bother the rest of the world with, we just let it all out. And the other empathetically listens and mirrors, without directing the conversation any other way. It is a practice that has changed my life and has given rise to so much self discovery and nurture. To be in a safe space to be heard is an invaluable experience I feel, everyone needs regularly. Not just when shit hits the fan, so to speak.  

What makes your spirit glow?
All of the above!

And I love what I do for work. I love birth, women, children and families.. seeing them grow and step into their fullness. Working in body work and wellness I am honoured to facilitate peoples own awareness in coming to their own health and healing. Brazilian music and dance (especially samba) and yoga, has and always will be a part of my life and is woven into my being. I grew up in a rural veterinary setting and still horse ride as much as I am able too, I love being in nature and around animals (mountains or ocean, I'm not fussed I grew up with both). Basically anything to do with gardening, food prep, movement, water, animals, birth.. I am very practical and sensual (one of the senses) and glow when I am being a useful part of the natural world around me.  

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Breathe. Move. Cry. Laugh.

(FYI I'll write this on a post-it note and put on my fridge because I'm still very much learning how to do this!) 

That formula sounds easy but I totally get it can be the hardest thing to do properly when you are snagged by life and emotional baggage. I am blessed to have found very grounded teachers in both dance, yoga and even aware parenting who focus on body and breath awareness, mindful movement and meditation.

And jiggling. Seriously, if all else fails get your qi moving and jiggle your wobbly bits! All of them! Even better if you do it under a freezing cold shower. Guaranteed you’ll be in your body within seconds and if you aren’t crying you’ll be laughing or singing hahaha.  

What causes and organizations are you passionate about?
I've been supporting the birthing kit foundation of Australia though my business for many years. It's amazing how a tiny kit of soap, plastic sheet, guaze, rope tie, scalpel blade and gloves can make such a huge impact on the lives of women and babies. Basic cleanliness and hygiene that we take for granted is life and death in many countries. The foundation is dedicated to safe birthing practices in developing countries and aiding community development and support for maternal and infant health.

On a personal everyday level though, I'm pretty passionate about supporting/sourcing any and all local business or small businesses and especially Australian made.

If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say?
Be a student. Seek out great teachers, most of which are already in our lives as relationships. Learn to meditate and breathe properly, learn to feel your full emotional scale and to know your own unique nature.

If everyone of us did this, and were free to do this from birth and explore ourselves. I personally think/feel all the other stuff wouldn't need to be said. Because we would be connected to our creator and those intrinsic details about caring for each other and the universe would manifest as a result of not being severed from source and our innate curious natures which are inherently useful and creative.

What is the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned?
That it is never about them (the children) it is always about me or the dynamic resonating between me and my husband... Getting my stuff out of the way (which ironically often isn't mine, it's my parents, ancestors or influences around me), growing myself up and about me becoming more conscious and aware so I can allow them to be free and fully connected to their being and their own sense of what the world is to them. Which is essentially, our birthright.

I'm constantly finding ways to come to their level and see through their eyes and experience and truly listen to them rather than projecting how I want them to be. (Challenging. I repeat, very challenging.) And I am still slowly learning this and integrating, sometimes I wonder why I thought I was ready for such an honour of parenting little beings. So in summary, a lot of this lesson is also about learning to really take care of myself on so any levels. Cliché as it sounds, which isn’t a cliché just a basic truth trying to have it’s way with us? – the more I take care of myself and tend to my own growth and connection to source. The more I can parent lovingly and be available to them in an authentic way.  

What advice would you give a new mother?
I'm going to go out on a vulnerable limb here and be honest which may be interpreted as a bit full on, but this is what I have learned on my own motherhood journey and has become normalized for me.

Parenting is not a natural instinct, it is a journey of healing and is something we learn to do and evolve into. Particularly if you haven't had great role models in your life to learn from about raising children consciously, then it is not something that will just come to you once you have a child. We are all re enacting our own childhoods, living out our traumas and conditioning. I think some of the most misguided advice out there in both the birthing and parenting paradigms is to "follow your instincts".. Like giving birth, raising children and navigating our inner terrain is as easy as breathing. And even breathing might I add, we have to learn how to do effectively! Unfortunately our instincts are often just conditioned responses and it isn't enough for us to tap into our true potential and thrive, it is merely being in survival mode.

So be brave and reach out, make mistakes and don’t bother feeling guilty just do the inner work and keep bringing love and compassion. It is a journey of learning and unlearning and relearning over and over again. The main teachers being; our children! Be prepared to meet the darkest parts of yourself, meet all the judgements you’ve made about other parents and say hello to your own parents behaviours that you don't like, waiting below in your cellular level reactions. (Damn it!) But there lies the key to evolving and freedom and true connection - conscious love, with our family.

One that is not conditional, toxic or driven by our deeper fears and hurts.

I also don't think there is anything wrong with listening to our elders, trying things on to see if it fits for us and trying again if it doesn't. I feel such sadness now in watching new mothers completely ignore everyone around them including family members and just isolate themselves to their findings in books and the internet because people tell them to just do their own thing. That isn't a very integrated way of living. I understand we are trying to find different ways of doing things from old paradigms and sometimes we need to channel the warrior when certain people insist that we do it their way, but if we look to the roots and learn to truly listen to what others are offering. We can usually hear they are just contributing to us the way that was helpful to them. It doesn't mean we need to subscribe to it, however it is an opportunity to stay curious and be inquisitive and maybe even share our own gifts of what we are doing differently.

So be curious. In birthing your baby, stay curious about the pain and sensations... Be curious about how your baby might like to be born as opposed to how you want to birth. And once they are here, stay curious about who they are and what they want to communicate and how they want to communicate it. Because, if you are lucky enough. You will be blessed with children that do things very differently to you and will show you how to be truly present and remember how to live in the moment.


Mariel Rose Garcia

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Success, to me, is having a deep and fulfilling connection with self, the Earth and Great Spirit. Expressing the gifts that we have with creative conviction. Feeling joy and having an open heart. Being delighted by each day and with the smallest of things; a flower, the trees, bees, a child's smile.... Success is moving through one's life with grace and purpose, able to navigate through the choices we make each day with intuition and wisdom, no matter what that path looks like to each one of us.. 

What is magic to you?
Magic is all around us.. The cosmos and the Earth are magic. Spirit, healing, and the human mind are magic. Every plant, animal and mineral, down to the molecule is magic.. Plant medicine is magic. Water is magic.. Ancestral, cellular memory and knowledge are magic. It has been removed from us in our modern fairy tales, but each one of us posses true deep magic in every cell of our body,  in every thought and action. Life is magic!

What is love to you?
Love is a part of the magic of life.. Of Spirit, & the Earth.. It is a way of being and a way of caring for one's self, family, and community.. Love is a cellular response to all that is God within and around us on a deep molecular level. Love is the deepest essence of life... 

What is your health / beauty practice?
My health and beauty practices revolve around self love. I am fluid with my practice and allow myself acceptance when my routine is out of sync. I always strive for a deeper discipline, so that means always accepting where I am at in my current practice.. 

This practice includes, but is not limited to, good sleep, healthy food and water, meditation, cold plunges, ceremony, time in nature, mountains and sunshine, the purest essential oils and masques, exercise and movement, good love making (alone or with a lover), song & dance, dry brushing, lemon water, hot springs, saunas, massage, and many beautiful teas and herbs. 
My self care also includes a lot of laughter and fun; as well some tears, both joyful and sorrowful, because a good cry from time to time is healthy and beautiful as you truly purge toxins and emotions that overwhelm the heart and mind; tears cleanse the spirit. 
I keep a long and running list of self care practices so that I may choose what feels good to me at that time, thus greatly reducing any negative self-talk that may come up when goals are not being met. It works well for me to be flexible with myself in this way. 

What makes your spirit glow?
Many magical things of the Earth and the Universe feed my soul and make my spirit glow.. Ceremony makes my spirit glow! Making life a daily ceremony... Staying in a place of inner prayer as much as possible.. 
Spending time with my daughter and a few good people in nature always makes my spirit glow. Dance, music, doing my art and singing, flowers, sunshine and the cold creeks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains feed my soul! 

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I stay centered by staying connected with my community. I remember that everything changes, I call in my ancestors and I breathe. I remember my deep unfaltering strength of soul and I pray!

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?
I am excruciatingly passionate about healing the sacred waters of the earth, and of women. We must protect our life-source within and outside of ourselves. I hold space to heal the water on a molecular and cellular level within the bodies of each individual that come into contact with my healing hands. I am deeply passionate about educating our children and youth in practices if self love, creative expression, and of environmental restoration and preservation. We must build healthy, sustainable community and create a consciousness that promotes and protects a space of love..  We must engage with each other in a safe space of truth and acceptance for each individual's process of expression to be revealed and allow each member of community to bring their gifts with grace and reverence for the greater whole. We are the One-Song, the Uni-Verse.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
The world needs love and positive, conscious thought, intentional prayers for healing and a rebirth of the collective consciousness.. The state of the world is a direct symptom and representation of the extreme disconnect Man has with the Earth, Spirit, Nature, and subsequently each other. It is time to reconnect. We must recall the old medicine knowledge and implement it for ourselves, our people and our planet. 

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned?
The greatest lesson of my motherhood is unconditional love, for my daughter as well as myself... In the face of the most humbling times as a mother the only way to self preservation and the saving grace of child rearing is unconditional love. To be forgiving, patient, and kind. 

What advice would you give to a new mother?
My advice to a new mama is to make time for self care, whatever that looks like to you, not as an escape as much as a way of life. Involve your children in the process so they see how a healthy woman cares for herself first in order to care for the ones around her. Teach them that it is a natural part of the day and its ok for you to make time for Mama.. They will then grow up to have amazing self care practices and support the people in their lives to do the same. Its not just for your own sake but for the ripple effect this way of raising our children will have on our evolution as One-Song. 

Alexandra Elle

Goddesses Share Their Secrets...

What is success to you?
Finding peace in my stillness and not losing myself when failure happens.

What is magic for you?
Being present for myself when it seems hard to show up. Something is enchanting about the act of kindness through self-care.

What is love for you?
Love, for me, is my family. Nurturing my almost nine-year daughter into a caring and compassionate person, being in tune with my husband, and being present for myself. Love shows up in my life in many ways—but currently, it looks a lot like what I’ve just shared. Family.

What is your beauty/health practice?
Eating well, moving my body—whether outside or in a class setting like yoga or Zumba, taking naps, using natural and sustainable bath, body and home products. Overall, I like to indulge in what makes me feel good inside and out.

What makes your spirit glow?
Doing what I love for a living. Being self-employed is such a courageous act of self-confidence. It lights my life up to be able to get up write books and create skin care goodies every day. There’s no better feeling than nurturing and illuminating your own life walk.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Lots of journaling, reading, meditating, praying, and self-care. Oh, and cooking. :)

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?
I am passionate about women taking charge of their lives and becoming skilled in what they love.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Enjoy the journey.

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned?
Your children are who they are. Allow them to be free while guiding them the best way you know how.

What advice would you give to a new mother?
The journey through motherhood is a beautiful one—even when the days seem long, tiresome and not so awesome.

Learn more about me + my books at alexelle.com. My skin care line can be found at shopthebalm.co


Teo Griscom

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
I've learned to lessen the importance of success, so that failure never enters my vocabulary. My idea of success are little accomplishments along the way. More having to do with accepting myself in the world and having a certain unabashed presence. All of this has come with age, which I really love.  I have been fortunate enough to have a family that believes firmly in never compromising one's goals
and passions for mediocrity.

What is magic for you?
Moments of discovery, when worlds collide, when the unexpected happens. When I fully TRUST myself. When I lay down in the dirt, sand or water and completely surrender myself to the sky.

What is love for you?
I am a firm believer if you can't love yourself you wont' have enough strength to fully love another. I don't always love myself, and am completely honest about that. I am constantly aware of how I'm coping in the world, and often slow down to take a deep breath and give myself a big hug. SUCCESS.  Love has no limits and no expectations. I strive to extend that beyond myself to all the people/animals/surroundings in my life. Forgiveness and allowing people to just be who they are feels like an important part of the meaning to love.

What is your beauty /health practice?
Finding my center and radiating myself out into the world and to all the people I've met or will meet. That makes me beautiful, inside and out. With age I'm aware of my physical body needing that attention. I listen to my body as much as possible, try never to obsess about perfection.  The body can hear you!! Movement has become incredibly important and water. Lots of water!! I've always been a bit of a tomboy, so don't particularly care much for looking beautiful in a conventional way, I usually try to not be noticed.. that's a part of self LOVE, i'm working on. Lately, I like to stand in front of the mirror after a quick wash and splash of cold water and look into my eyes and take that moment to really SEE myself. Sometimes it makes me laugh,and sometimes it makes my boyfriend laugh. It feels good and it does the trick.

What makes your spirit glow?
Traveling. It's the thing I crave more than anything else in this world.. I crave the world. To see and be a part of it, maybe only for a moment the vastness and richness. Then returning to New Mexico, and the silence. That beautiful silence, there is nothing like it.  Also Learning! I want to know and experience everything!!! I will never be educated enough. There is so much to knowand see and do. This really keeps me inspired and striving for growth. Also I learned at a young age how to spend time alone. I'm never afraid to be alone. I love that time to myself.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I choose not to participate, but if I find myself in chaos, staying neutral is so important for me. Surrounding myself in light and navigating my way thru, by again listening to my body and heart, and by doing that I know that calms everything and everybody around me. I've also found that its really important to surround myself with people and situations that are supporting beauty and health of mind and spirit.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
Quality vs. Quantity. I am so passionate about this. I strive to only have a few things that I need and love around me. Even though I work in Fashion, I wear practically the same thing every day until it falls to pieces. I don't wear or buy anything made in China. My apple computer and phone are my only Chinese purchases. Not because I don't love China as a country, but because they have come to represent this fast fashion and quantity over quality movement. It sickens me how much we waste and how we buy things we don't need with no thought to where it will end up or where it comes from.  As a country we have lost our own manufacturing and production, which destroys communities and towns. I always strive for beauty,quality and craftsmanship and locally grown food. Supporting small designers and makers.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say? 
Love yourself, love the ones around you, love the earth and be aware of who you are in the world. Be conscious!!!! Teach others and raise your children to be conscious as well. Speak your truth.

How do you Mother the world?
I certainly don't feel I do as much as I can in this department. I take steps in my own community to be aware of the immediate concerns. Whether it be water conservation or making sure that where ever I travel to I leave the smallest trace of my existence behind.


Lorra Fae Wildfire

Goddesses Share Their Secrets...

What is success to you?
Success to me is having complete freedom to do whatever it is I love,
without answering to anyone but myself. Making my own rules, defining my
own boundaries, and being completely authentic and reveling in it.

What is magic for you?
Magic is when everything culminates in a way you couldn't have even dreamed
of. It's when eyes meet but souls connect. It's when there is language
between two souls, whether they be human or animal, and there is an
understanding there. It's when you realize you are completely capable of
anything and you prove it to yourself. It's when you discover you are
powerful and strong, despite any circumstances. Magic is invisible but
everywhere, and you can always feel it and notice it if you pay attention.

What is love for you?
Love begins with the self, ALWAYS, and extends to every living being. It is
sharing your authentic self. When you love yourself truly, it is mirrored
back to you from every direction. Then you see magic. Then the right people
come to you and you see them for who they are, and you can love them for
who they are, and help them to be the best version of themselves, while
completely accepting them where they're at, and vice versa. Love is also
compassion for all life, appreciating everything we have, and helping any
person or animal that needs our help. It means helping this earth overall.
Everyone everywhere - when we love ourselves we can help the rest of the
world heal.

What is your beauty /health practice?
I have been a raw vegan for over 8 years, which has healed me more than I
can even fathom. My focus is on ripe fruit and an abundant amount of
greens, plus raw plant fats, mostly seeds, avocado, coconut. This keeps me
very energetic, slim, and my skin youthful and glowing, even at 38 years

Every day I begin with 2-3 hours of self-care, starting with lemon water (a
whole lemon blended with 32 ounces of water), I write 3 pages of
stream-of-consciousness writing, and I do some sort of movement. This can
be hiking in nature near where I live, hoop-dancing, running, stretching,
lake swimming, sex, martial arts, and many other forms of movements I love
- as long as they are fun and I enjoy them - this is key to staying active.
I then have a large green smoothie. I meditate.

For my beauty regime, I dry-skin-brush and have a contrast shower. The
products I use for hair and skin are organic, natural products, or
home-made beauty treatments. I rarely wear make-up on my skin anymore, but
I do love to wear eyeliner and darken my eyebrows, and sometimes I wear
lipstick just because I love it. I never feel I need make-up, but I use it
as a way to express myself or be creative. I rarely cut my hair or dye it,
but only use natural black dye if I do.

I also get some sunshine (though not too much, I prefer a more pale
complexion), get my feet on the bare earth, and orgasm as much as I can. I
get plenty of sleep, and keep my stress levels as low as possible. I avoid
drama and negativity. This all contributes to beauty - mentally and

What makes your spirit glow?
When I accomplish something I set out to do. Reading beautiful fiction or
inspirational books. Traveling, having adventures. Massages. Writing. Any
immersion in nature, especially swimming in rivers or lakes or the ocean.
SURFING. Martial arts. Being around animals. My little dog. Intense
love-making with my boyfriend. Helping people with their health issues.
Freedom, to do and be what I want - above all else.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Meditation, and questioning my beliefs, Byron Katie-style.  I focus on
reality, and stop fighting it, because when I fight reality I lose, but
only 100% of the time. I also write it out, and up my self-care, because if
I don't take care of myself first, I can't fully function or care properly
for others.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
I am passionate about veganism but I don't force my opinions on others. I
accept people where they are. Animal rights are exceptionally important to
me. I am also very passionate about the environment and try my best to live
sustainably. My other main cause is to fight the dog meat trade in Asia, as
it is the most barbaric thing I've ever seen. The Animal Hope and Wellness
Foundation (in California), and Soi Dog in Thailand, are the ones I support
the most. I'm also passionate about women's rights, illiteracy, and
especially helping people heal naturally without relying on Western
medicine. There's a spark of Anarchy in me, too.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
You can do anything you can possibly imagine, even if you only take small
steps to get there. You're more powerful than you realize. *Realize it. *And
eat plants.

If you're not a mother, how do you mother the world?
I only eat plants, for one, because animal agriculture is the main cause of
every environmental issue out there. Since I was a kid, to recycle, reuse,
and reduce my footprint on the planet has been ingrained in me, and I do
what I can to minimize my footprint on this world. My scraps are composted,
my plastics are minimized and all recycled, and I mostly buy used things.
My garbage output is a small bag every few months.

I am not a mother to any of my own children, but I am a mother to my dog,
to all animals who cross my path, and I am basically a step-mother to my
boyfriend's twin 8 year old boys. I want to be a healthy female role model
for them, as their mother is troubled and has addiction issues, and so I
maintain that role of strength and health, ethics and confidence, without
every trying to replace her, as nothing can replace your real mother.

Lauren Nixon

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you? 
For me, success involves pursuing my passions regularly.  Success involves pursuing these passions as my full self, my wild self, without shame.  In my own life, success has involved creating a life from scratch that makes me happy, that makes me glow.  I lead a very simple, humble life full of good food, hard work, nature, and great relationships.  For me, having a few simple threads that build and amplify my happiness is key.

What is magic for you?
Magic is when my intuition, my gut feelings, and my ancestral wisdom all lead me to discover new parts of myself and the world.  I can't explain how much important information has arrived in the form of dreams, hunches, daydreams, random thoughts, tarot readings, and other sources.

What is love for you? 
Love is embracing the light and the dark and being willing to ride life out and trust that magic is still always under the surface.

What is your beauty/health practice? 
I start my day with very little talking or interacting.  I wake up early enough so that I can move slowly and intentionally.  I oil pull, dry skin brush, shower, and give myself a daily massage with raw coconut oil.  I use very few products on my skin.  Coconut oil, bentonite clay, a few essential oils, and homemade deodorant are pretty much all that I use.  I like to keep my personal care practice affordable and simple.

Movement is essential for me.  Biking is my main mode of transportation and it really allows me to explore my city in a profound way.  The DC area has tons of green space, so I hike in Rock Creek Park and surrounding natural spaces in Virginia as often as possible.  I have a daily asana and pranayama practice.  I also feel really great when I dance, so I spend a good deal of time dancing in my bedroom with the lights off like a mad person.  It feels good to shake the day off and get my blood flowing.

Relationships play a big role in my daily health regime.  I only maintain relationships that are healthy and I'm very serious about maintaining boundaries and safe space.  I have a tight knit group of folks in my life and we have built amazing, healthy connections.  When connections don't serve me, I move on and make space for new connections.

In my work as a Food & Wellness Educator, I share with people the importance of cooking from scratch as a form of self-care.  I'm very serious about walking the talk.  Home-cooked meals using local ingredients are a must for me.  I love dark leafy greens, a good amount of coconut oil and avocado, local meat, root vegetables, the works.  I try to workshare on farms for food as much as I can, but I also frequent the local farmers markets.

What makes your spirit glow? 
My spirit glows when it is allowed to be wild.  I've always had trouble being regular.  I've always marched to the beat of my own drum.  I spent a good chunk of my younger years in trouble or misunderstood for not doing what everyone else was doing.  I've learned to embrace it and make it work for me.  When I've tried to suffocate my wildness and tuck it away, there have been serious repercussions.  My spirit feels best during muddy romps through the woods, time spent laughing with my friends, when I'm eating good, health supporting food, when I feel valued or make someone else feel valued, or creating something out of nothing.  Being myself, being a maker of things and experiences, and allowing room for wildness allows my spirit to grow.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos? 
I actually really believe in first allowing myself to feel the chaos before I attempt to center myself.  I'm a very big introvert, albeit a very social one, so I tend to get overstimulated very easily.  I'm also a fairly emotional person by nature, so learning to center myself is a daily practice that I have been working on since I was little.  I allow myself to feel what I feel and to take it seriously.  I have no issue having a good crying session/freakout session in my bedroom!  Then I allow myself to react to it in a safe manner.  I'll whip out some of my tools: journaling, calling a friend for support, breathwork, stepping into nature, using crystals, or tucking into some library books.  For me, centering myself involves spending a good amount of time spent alone.

What causes/organizations are you passionate about? 
I'm incredibly passionate about creating space for women, especially women of color, to use food as a catalyst for deepening their self-care practices.  The narratives of women of color are often shoved aside, disregarded, misunderstood, and trampled on by the world.  I'm really interested in using food as an entry point for women to be able to tel their stories in their words, for them to use food as a catalyst to remember that they are makers and creators.

If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say? 
Spend time alone.  Explore the things that scare you--your light and your dark.  Dive deep.  Live your own life...not the life that you *think *you're supposed to be living!  Stop worrying about what other people think.  Do your thing.

If you are not a mother, how do you mother the world?
I don't plan on being a mother, but I mother the world by communing with other women daily and creating sacred webs of sisterhood in my own life.


Denby Royal

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
When you can be real. When you arrive in a place -mental or physical- where you no longer feel required to be something you're not or no longer are.

What is magic to you?
Anything you feel in nature. Whether it's a stillness that's almost audible or fears that can start bubbling up. These are messages being transmitted to you from Mother Earth. Listen up!

What is love for you?

What is your beauty/health practice?
Being barefoot in the forest as much as possible for those tasty Earth electrons and cold water therapy! I love dips in an icy river and I always finish my shower with cold water. It's boosts the metabolism, tightens the skin and doesn't dry it out. I have a circulatory disease, and contrary to convention, cold water therapy has been a powerful medicine for me.

I practice intermittent fasting and it has been so beneficial for my body. My diet is rich is fats, ferments, and fungi! And now that it's growing season in my area, more wild foods.  I don't wear make-up and only put products on my skin that I could eat (like raw honey, bentonite clay, and naturally some Feathereaglesky oils!)

What makes your spirit glow?
Starting the day in my kitchen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and fell super nourished if I get to start my day by baking, developing recipes, or experimenting with different plant medicines. Basically, I'm happiest when I'm making (and eating) raw chocolates.

How do you stay centred in the middle of chaos?
Forest bathing! The practice of getting outside as a form of therapy to calm the nervous system. And my wild man, Stefano. He is the most grounded person I know and always reminds me when I need to chill out.

What causes/organisations are you passionate about?
Educating women, in particular, about the importance of freedom of movement in clothing. This means abandoning garments that squeeze, bind, and suck in our beautiful bodies all the while hindering the natural flows of our digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

I also spend years in the fashion industry and saw first hand the negative impact it has on the environment and how it fosters egoism. I am extremely passionate about promoting sustainability and transparency in manufacturing and above all, fair-trade.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Ditch your bra and shoes and go outside!

What is the greatest lesson you've learned mothering the world?
That we are pack animals by nature. We thrive when we are connected to our communities and habitats.



Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What does success mean to me?
Success means waking up happy and eager for the day, and the life I've created for myself, and going to sleep satisfied and feeling fulfilled with the impact I've had.

What is magic for you?
Nature, in all it's enchanting glory, is pure magic to me!

What is love for you?
Love is the expression of all that we are. It is the realness in connection. It's the all encompassing force by which we are alive!

What is your beauty / health practice?
Less is more. Let Nature do her thing! A long time ago I released attachment to always having to use products for the sake of looking better, and instead made superior choices in every moment to achieve the results I wanted. It's deeply liberating! I am the creator and formulator for my own (and others) organic + wildcrafted skincare line. I value edible and nutritious ingredients, so your skin will joyfully drink it up and shine :-) It works! Living wild spring water give your blood purity, and the health of your blood speaks through the skin.

What makes your spirit glow?
Knowing that I have attracted the most extraordinary man of my wildest visions, and that we've created the most perfect little angel baby to remind us of why we are all here: for joy, love, and happiness. There is divine orchestration in absolutely everything that gets us to where we are! What a blessing.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Daily use of adaptogenic tonic herbs, bare feet on the earths surface, outdoor exploration. Training my mind to remember the zen I feel when at peace and doing so by choice. Over time, with re-programming my mind to release fear and a charged reaction, I am a positively different woman for doing so.

What causes / organizations are you passionate about?
I have a deep connection to helping orphans around the globe by supporting them in any way imaginable. One of my biggest dreams ever is to fly around the world giving inspirational talks to villages and communities in need, letting them know that they are not ever alone, that someone deeply cares about them from afar & even though we haven't met until then, and that they will be okay. I want to swoop in like an angel mama, radically shift their lives for the better, and dance my way onto the next adventure.

My 2016 plan is to create a non-profit called Revive Your Life Foundation in an effort to uplift and inspire humanity in ways that make significant impact by letting people know we care. I dedicate funds from my business, Edible Goddess, toward this cause. We are here to help others, and this is how we create a more kind, loving, humane, and delicious life for all!

If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say?
Believe in yourself. Always and forever.

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned?
That I would not have been given this sacred gift if I did not have the precise capabilities, attitude, fortitude, and strength to do it better than I've been able to do anything else in my life. I have learned that I was born for this! :-)

What advice would you give to a new mother?
Surrender. You will be given endless opportunities to either succumb to overwhelm, stress, and doubt, or to rise with your new life. Empower yourself by committing fully, appreciating the learning curve, and letting your child be the catalyst to drive out the things, people, and places which truly no longer serve you. They will do this if you let them. Your children will also show you the very things you have wished to change about yourself, in the initial postpartum weeks. Let this be the chance you seek for greater self-evolution!

I thought of this during the 1st week postpartum after my Ella Pearl was born. I AM A PROUD MOTHER:


Latham Thomas

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
I measure success less by my accomplishments and more by the person I have become. Success for me is about how many people I can bringing people along the journey so they too can shine. It’s about living a life aligned with my principles.

What is magic to you?
The life cycle is magic. Birth is magical.

What is love for you?
Love is a primal need for connection and seeing oneself in others, acknowledging the beauty and vulnerability in all people and things and cradling that vulnerability with protection.

What is your beauty /health practice?
Every day I am presented with an opportunity to honor the body that houses my soul. I can design my day and allow spirit to order my steps intentionally. I start the day with a seated practice in silence for prayer. I have a ritual of oiling my face before I exfoliate. Then I rinse, mist, then lather and massage my face and neck with oil and seal with a cream. Some of the products I use include: Tata Harper Skin Care, Uma Oils, Naturopathica. For the bath: Truly Aesthetic Affirmation bath salts.

What makes your spirit glow?
Giving thanks when I rise up is automatic- my grandmother taught me the power of prayer at an early age. Spirit permeates everything so I don’t see it as a separate part of who I am. It’s my essence, your essence. Every day I make a choice to listen to the voice within that ignites me in spirit and in flesh to keep going. I am inspired to make a difference each day, to touch someone in an impactful way. This is why I am so compelled to do the work I do with women and mothers- ushering new life into the world requires a reference for spirit and a celebration of the magic of the female body. The root of spirit is that it is in everything, everywhere, we are alchemists.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I practice movement. I go outside, I make sure to get my feet in some soil regularly. Sex and intimacy is a wonderful way to de-stress. I’d like to note though that I am not seeking balance in my life. We are constantly in a state of dynamic equilibrium- which means that we are being thrown off balance constantly to keep things propelling in motion so we can grow. If things are balanced- there is no room for growth along the continuum. I am striving to become a better version of myself and movement helps remind me of that when I am on the yoga mat, in a kickboxing class, or on a hike.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
There are several causes and organizations that I love and respect: Every Mother Counts, founded by my souls sister Christy Turlington, Keep A Child Alive, co-founded by my darling Alicia Keys, Solving Kids Cancer- who my son is a huge supporter of, Kangu- a crowd funding site that supports maternal health.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
I am always speaking to the universe, everyday, I say THANK YOU.

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned? 
I have been blessed to learn so much from my son. I learned how powerful I am, the magic of my body. I’ve learned to practice patience all the time and how to grow a little more each day. Motherhood humbles you on so many levels.

Women’s Wellness Maven

Julia Sumner

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Happiness. I mean happiness as a whole, not in fleeting moments. I talk with my husband about this question fairly often. Growing up I always dreamed of being successful thinking that meant having a career with fame and fortune...how wrong I was. Success, for me in my life, is finally living in a magical land I've dreamed about since childhood, being married to a loving husband who adores and honors me, being happy and confident in my skin, having a business doing what I love that helps to provide food for my husband and animal children. I can honestly say I never felt successful in my life until I married my love and moved out west to this enchanting land. I believe that to be successful one needs to listen to their soul's needs and honor it, without fear, because when you honor your soul everything else will fall into place. It's magic.

What is magic for you?
Aside from what I just touched on above, magic is everything, everywhere. I've always felt magic in the wind, the trees, the water, the animals, and the earth, but there's magic in every human being also. A few years ago, when I left all familiarity behind, for the second time in my life because my soul felt drained and stifled, I dug deep into various books that talked about the human energy field. One book in particular provided experiments I could do to prove that we as humans are filled with magical powers. I felt like my mind was blown open! For the first time ever I was able to see and *feel* how we are all connected and in total control of the universe, our lives, and each other's lives. The life I lead now is a total manifestation and every day gets better and better because now I know and believe in my Power.

What is love for you?
Oh boy. Love is patience and acceptance. Love is honoring yourself while honoring others even if they are so different from you. Love is listening, silently, and with an open mind and heart, to what others (be it human, animal, tree, etc.) have to tell you and teach you. Love is knowing yourself and when to hold your tongue because your tongue might stifle another's magic. Love is rejoicing in other's victories wholeheartedly and crying at other's grievances. Love is honoring yourself by honoring the earth that provides for *us*. I love so much, so deeply and passionately, that this question is almost impossible to answer. Someone once told me I should write a book called "Julia Loves" that lists all the millions of things I love because every day "I Love ...." seems to be my most used statement, but every time I say it I mean it.

What is your beauty /health practice?
I may be one of the most low maintenance 30 year old's ever, but I think it's because I'm 30. When I was younger I wore so much foundation and makeup that I was breaking out all the time, I dyed my hair so much it was dry and breaking, I shaved all the hair on my body, and I was unhappy. The first thing to go was the makeup. I had awful acne in my early 20's and no fancy face wash did anything to help it. Then I read an interview with supermodel Cindy Crawford that asked how she kept her skin so clear and she said she never wore makeup (except in photoshoots) and only washed her face with plain, unscented bar soap. I tried it and my acne disappeared. I haven't worn makeup or bought face wash in 7 years and I've been acne free just as long. When I was 24 I shaved my head because my hair was so destroyed from dying it dark brown or black for so long. I haven't dyed my hair since, I also haven't brushed my hair since I was a kid. The last to go was the shaving. As I've grown closer to being 30 and have also grown more relaxed and at ease in my marriage - because my husband is so adoring no matter what I do or don't do - I've started re-evaluating some things. One is that I've always hated shaving my whole life because it takes so long and I'd rather be doing something else. Finally I just stopped shaving altogether about 3 months ago, and I still feel just as sexy, if not sexier. I even stopped plucking my eyebrows, haha. So, my health and beauty practice is simple: smile, laugh, go on long hikes, honor my internal body by eating real foods that honor my vata dosha, spend quality time with those I love like my husband and friends, honor my soul by taking time to ask her what she needs, sleep, and dance to David Bowie! All of these things make my skin, hair, eyes, and teeth glow! (I do still shower and brush my teeth...)

What makes your spirit glow?
Disconnecting and going for a long hike with my husky, Katja, and husband if he's free. Sitting in the sun on the earth, barefoot, drinking my yerba mate. Long healthy chats with my husband. Working on new leather designs and spending all day in my studio deep in the creative flow. Evenings with friends over a bottle of wine. I'm super empathetic and therefore highly sensitive so letting myself cry or sob when the urge comes over me is such a release that leaves me feeling lighter and brighter afterwards.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
This one took a lot of work and training for me. I'm so sensitive and if there's chaos I easily get overwhelmed and have panic attacks. One thing I finally feel I've succeeded at is noticing that if my heart starts beating faster and harder and my hands start shaking and my body temperature drops then* leave*. Even if I'm deep in the middle of chaos I will just drop it completely and step away to my studio, or go for a drive, or just walk out onto the mesa I live on. I've learned that staying when my blood pressure is that high will not improve the chaos and is so unhealthy for my body and soul. Walking away and calming down allows me the clarity to re-enter the chaos with a peaceful energy that almost always leads to a happy result.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
There are countless causes and organizations that speak to me and it's impossible to know where to begin. I will say that one goal I have for my business is to pick a cause each month and contribute a portion of the monthly income to an organization that is associated with that cause. I want to end forced labor, particularly child labor. I want to end sex trade. I want to end poaching. I want to end Monsanto and the spread of GMOs. I want to end deforestation. I want to end water pollution from mining. I want to end feed lots and spread the importance of holistic cattle management that will in turn improve our grasslands. I want to end judgement and hate and segregation and double standards. The first place to start is with love, and the second place is patience, and the third place is passion...

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
We really are all connected as one giant unit. If we could all stop blaming our actions on human nature or others and started being accountable to ourselves then we can all work together energetically and make magic happen!



*If you are not a mother how do you mother the world? *"Motherhood is more than bearing children - it is the essence of who we are as women." I believe that all women are mothers and are *the* mother. By honoring myself, honoring the people, honoring the animals, honoring the plants, I mother the earth.


Zoe Tryon

Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Being the best version of myself, constantly growing, learning and evolving. Being of service to others and the planet whilst taking care of myself too. Success to me is having the time and abundance in all areas to be able to do work that is meaningful to me, to be able to be part of shifting the paradigm, to connect with and enjoy those I love.

What is magic for you?
It is the mysterious, divine, miraculous energy that is present at all times if we are open to it.

What is love for you?
It is all that really matters. The beginning and the end.

What is your beauty/health practice?
I am mostly vegan, although I do small amounts of wild meat on occasion usually when I am with indigenous people in remote places. I love to be in nature as often as possible so I hike as much as I can - nature is my temple, I walk, I pray, I meditate, I breathe, I dance in the woods. I use only natural products on my skin,  I haven't used any FeatherEagleSky products but they look delicious. I use coconut oil on my hair, my skin, I oil pull with it. I turn to nature for my medicine and for my health. I work with shaman often and regularly do cleansing ceremonies and rituals in the Amazon and in the high Andes.

What makes your spirit glow?
Walking in the rainforest always but especially at about 4pm when the light is filtering down through the canopy in the most magical way. Hiking in the wilderness anywhere. Spending time with beloved friends, talking, being together. Adventuring and exploring. Working on projects that I am passionate about. Being of service. Laughter. Dancing. Playing with my nieces and nephew. Galloping on horses. Loving my man.

How do you stay entered in the middle of chaos?
Breathing! No matter where I am or what is going on I can always take a few moments to close my eyes and breathe deeply into my belly and then down into the earth, to take a sacred pause to remember what is really important and to ask spirit to guide me.

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?
The preservation of the rain forests is my greatest passion, especially the Amazon region. And I am equally passionate about indigenous cultures having the right to be the architects of their own futures and the management of their ancestral lands. I love nature and love being with those who understand her the best, I love to walk with them and learn from them. I work with many organisations that I am deeply passionate about I am Ambassador for Amazon Watch, an organisation which fights for the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon region and a Champion for Clearwater which provides clean drinking water for those affected by contamination from Chevron in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon. I am a huge fan of WECAN(Women's Earth and Climate Alliance).

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Love is everything.

What has been the greatest lesson you've learned?
I am constantly learning, sometimes it is very painful, sometimes delightful. I am not sure what the greatest lesson I have learned is, often is it the quiet lessons that create the biggest change in my life. I think the most powerful one could be that the more I choose love and the more I choose to be guided by the divine the happier, more abundant, connected and inspired I feel!

If you aren't a mother how do you mother the world with your presence?
I am not a mother yet, but I think the mother archetype is one I draw on strongly. If only we could look at one another and the earth with the pure unconditional  love that a mother gives her child, cherishing and fierce protection, then everything could shift in a millisecond. I see the earth as a great mother and it is my responsibility to cherish, respect and protect her. In my work and in my life my wish is to constantly evolve to be more loving mama in all that I do.



Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Success is a life where all cards are played with exuberance, and mental mastery results in work that one loves, in spontaneous play, and in mutual increase of joy and opportunities while interacting with others.  Success seeks lessons in challenges, recovers quickly from lowered states, and does not feel victimized.  Success is compassionate to its absence. Success is win-win.

What is magic for you?
Magic is a manifestation technology we can't pin down with physical camouflage logic, and results from doing the inner work of being human. I'm unable to imagine the magic it will take to restore the health of mother earth, as our predominant collective personal habits are not encouraging.

What is love for you?
Love is an inherent attraction towards union, an allurement, a choice we can make or block.

What makes your spirit glow?
Spirits naturally glow with life and vitality except when dimmed through poor choices of belief. I love to feel a strong body, an agile mind, a heart open in abundant connection with others.  I love to forget myself through wondrous immersion in nature's glories.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
When chaos reins I try to isolate the root cause, often checking the astrology for transpersonal factors or rarely consulting the I Ching, in both cases seeking guidance as to approach - is action or observation called for?  I try to act thoroughly and decisively yet owning my contribution to the problem.  If it's acceptance time, I hide out in a good book until contracting emotions settle down.  If I'm tired but wired, I drink passion flower vine tea for a week.

What cause/organizations are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about our unlimited abilities as powerfully creative humans to make health in our bodies and harmony in our experiences.  I'm thrilled with the mind's ability to reframe a situation and elicit a very different emotion, response and result.

If you could say on thing to the world what would you say?
"The world" must be so much larger than I can begin to imagine and thus I'm uncharacteristically without comment...

What has been the greatest as a mother you've learned?
As a mother I've learned that our children come to us for the initial programming that will be their life's foundation, and the pain of seeing some of my own youthful and not-so-youthful follies reflected in their adult lives is my main source of grief.

What is your beauty/health practice?
Health and beauty are best assumed to be so.  Health is a flexible physical frame capable of moving with confidence and agility, and internal organs happily processing the moderations and indulgences they are offered. Usually specific plants can help conditions which may arise.

Beauty is the glow of spirit through a healthy body.  Although I've never conceived the notion of having a beauty routine, I acknowledge certain vanities. I wear form-fitting clothes, cut my own forgiving mop of hair, scorn the notion of a bikini line, and have the hairs ripped out of my legs a couple of times a year. 
Since I turned fifty I've occasionally painted my toenails, regularly colored pale eyelashes with mascara, always laughed at wrinkles when putting on cream, and chuckled at whiskers whenever I remember to pluck.

I'm Beverly Taylor.  My partner Chris and I have just survived a seven year rebuilding gauntlet as "ownees" of a beautiful guest house (www.yelapacasaisabel.com) in the little tropical paradise of Yelapa, a town with no cars on a rocky hillside just an hour's boatride south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I am a bodyworker.  My remaining project in the physical realm is the completion and educational distribution of a huge synthesizing wall chart probably entitled "Potent Bodywork - Anatomy, Biomechanics, Tensegrity, and Five Element Acupressure."

Goddesses Share Their Secrets - Bee Ham

We asked women who inspire us to share their thoughts on life, love and beauty. Here are their responses.

What is success to you?
Success is finding fulfillment in what I have, always striving to be better, and loving well.

What is magic for you?
Watching my children play together.

What is love for you?
There is so much love in my life!  I'm so very blessed.  Love starts with God, extends to my precious family, and becomes my work.  Sharing what I love through my formulations is one of the most wonderful gifts I've been given.

What is your beauty /health practice?
My beauty routine is one of the only ways I have been able to take real time for myself in the last year or so (my youngest is almost one and a half now), and I've had to be really intentional in carving out time for that.  It is getting easier now. In the mornings I really enjoy time to wash my face and brush my teeth, breathe deeply, and prepare for the marathon of the day ahead.  I usually get ready once my youngest is down for her morning nap, but getting ready doesn't take much since I hardly wear makeup these days.  I'm really embracing my natural self; natural hair, grown in brows, clean skin.  It's fun, and it's a graceful way to get older, for me.  We eat well.  We eat local, clean, real food. That is huge for us.  I work out with my sister and mom and a trainer and that physical exercise-really pushing myself-is almost hard to
describe, it's that good.  Painful, but so good.

What makes your spirit glow?
Prayer. Connection with my husband.  Watching he and our children dance.  Formulating my products!  I really geek on that stuff.  I'm slightly obsessive when I'm in the middle of creating something (and the creation process can take months), so I fully recognize how lucky I am that my husband listens to me about it all the time.  He is very patient and supportive.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Sometimes I don't. Breathing deeply has always helped me. Praying of course helps immensely. Talking to my best friend and partner (my husband, Jae) centers me.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
We really love and support Wellspring International because we believe in what they're doing. Every donation helps at risk women and children by providing financial support, basic necessities, scholarships, healthcare etc.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
It's not popular, and it surely is counterintuitive, but put someone else's desires before your own. I believe true joy and fulfillment comes from serving one another.

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you've learned?
Oh my goodness, so many. Probably patience. I learn it more every day. I am better for it, and so are my children.

What advice would you give to a new mother?
It will get easier. It goes by too fast. Be present. Be patient. Stop cleaning the house, get down on the ground at eye level with them and play - while you can!


Goddesses Share Their Secrets - Chloe Parsons

We asked women who inspire us to share their thoughts on life, love and beauty. Here are their responses.

What is success to you?
Success is meeting an objective. Earlier in my life my objectives were to graduate from college and become a teacher, and I found success meeting those objectives. It was difficult transitioning to full-time motherhood, but I simply re-established my objectives. Some days my objective is to immerse my daughter in nature and culture and conversation, and other days it’s just to make sure we’re both wearing pants before noon.  Either way, meeting our objectives is a successful day. I have found this mindset to be both comforting and helpful in many areas of my life, from motherhood to my marriage to my work as a MovNat trainer.  When we establish clear objectives with the partners in our lives, we are working together to make each other successful.  

What is magic for you?
When I experience an alignment that is outside the scope and reach of human construction: that is magic.  Some might call this an answer to a prayer, a coincidence, an irony, or a sign.  Magic is life experiences that—like a cryptex—release their secrets only to a precise arrangement of truths and events.  

What is love for you?
We are cells and energy, and love is the highest energy. The same way that water is fluid or frozen based on its molecular energy, so we operate either with the rigidity of apathy, or with the moving, outpouring, and progressive energy of love.  

What is your beauty/health practice?
Feeding my family with love has ignited my passion for cooking and nourishing our bodies.  I am making progress on my journey toward greater amounts of wild foraged edibles and making my own fermented foods to promote healthy gut flora. I also enjoy local farmers market ingredients. Nutrition is the base of my beauty routine.  In addition to that, choosing products that are non-toxic and also welcoming to my body’s micro biome is important to me.  Years ago my beauty practice was to harshly strip away all oils and odors and to cover up every blemish.  In contrast, my beauty routine now is a daily ritual that finds a truly peaceful and self-honoring balance point.  I want to be clean while honoring that my body is alive with rich cellular activity.  I want to smell incredible while also recognizing that my body’s pheromones are the most intoxicating scent on the planet.  I want to enhance my natural beauty without hiding behind a mask.  I’m also a mother to a toddler so I have basically no time to figure out how contouring works anyway.  

What makes your spirit glow?
While I have a full appreciation for who I am as a whole person, the motherhood faced of my life makes my spirit glow.  I feel that answering my calling to motherhood ushered me into the fullest version of myself.  How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos? I love physical training. I have completed half and full marathons, I lift weights, I enjoy yoga, and I train in MovNat. Each of these requires strength and stamina, but also awareness and mindfulness. In physical training I interpret my body’s physical messages, my energy and ability levels, and the most efficient way to yield the results I want.  It’s much the same with chaos.  I assess how much stress I’m under, how much energy I have to offer to the situation, and how to most efficiently expend that energy toward a resolution.  I’m also getting much better at caring for myself during chaos, which is essential for this plan to work in the first place.  

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?
I’m very passionate about the ReWilding lifestyle.  My brother, Daniel Vitalis, has been incredibly influential for me in personalizing my lifestyle to reflect the naturally robust and fulfilling lives of our primal ancestors.  This includes everything from foraging for wild foods, exploring natural movement, and birthing my children at home, to simply switching to amber lightbulbs after dark and spending time in meditation. Check out the ReWild Yourself podcast on iTunes.  If you could say one thing to the world what would you say? We are all here on a temporary physical field trip. The entity inside yourself that is the conscious observer of your thoughts is YOU. Let that truth govern as it may and let it also pardon others. You are master to no one, and you should revel in that same freedom.  

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you’ve learned?
We are sovereign.  My child is not my property, nor are we our parents’ property.  We are sovereign beings navigating the world together.  Every time I find myself unsure of how to handle a situation with my daughter (which is every day), I remind myself that she is sovereign.  She is her own person dwelling in her own tiny body.  “How can I allow her options to make her own choices? Am I making a request based on her wellbeing or based on my own convenience? Am I giving her the same respect and responsibility I would give to another adult?” These are the questions that are constantly ruminating in my mind.  This has been the single greatest lesson in my life thus far, and it was motherhood that brought it into the light.  I have found myself asking these same questions and using this same perspective in my marriage, in my professional relationships, in my response to politics or to offenses against me.  Realizing that human beings are sovereign unto themselves not only requires us to relinquish our perceived control over them, but releases us from the burden of it.  

What advice would you give to a new mother?
Mother, you have within you an innate and perfectly-planted intuition that carries a millennia of answers and practices suited to your unique relationship with your baby. It is your greatest power and your deepest magic as a woman.

Goddesses Share Their Secrets - Abby Clark

What is success to you?

Success to me is finding peace within yourself and being grateful for everything you have in life. Constantly trying to “fix” something about yourself and seeking external validation from others leaves a sense of emptiness within yourself. It leaves you desperately reaching for compliments, praise, and attention from others.  When you fall head over heels in love with yourself and find inner peace, you stop caring about how others perceive you and you can channel your energy and utilize your strengths to contribute your family, community, and environment. Success is being kind to yourself. When you are kind to yourself so many amazing things will open up for you. 

What is magic to you?

Kindness is so magical. When you do something for someone else without expecting anything in return you feed your spirit and it feels so amazing that you’ll want to do it again and again.  Kindness is so powerful.  We can change the world if we can speak with kind words and act from a kind heart more often.  Those who are kind with their actions and their words tend to be very confident and grounded who have succeed in finding inner peace and can now channel their energy to help make our world a more magical place to live. 

What is love for you?

Love is the most powerful emotion we feel. True love starts with loving something greater than yourself. This can be the Great Source, God, Energy, Nature, etc. You know that there is something bigger than you and bigger than all of us. You understand the life/death/life cycle and you love still. Love is nurturing and kind. We treat those whom we love with a tender heart but with a firm touch.  We fiercely protect those who we love but also teach our children through loving discipline. Love is respecting Mother Earth and everything she provides us.  Love is respecting our bodies and nourishing it with movement and real food. We love ourselves and then we share our love with others.  

What is your health/beauty practice?

Movement is my main health and beauty practice. The more I move especially out in nature the happier I am as a person. Movement provides me with energy to keep up with the daily “grind” of work, chores, and my very mobile toddler. Movement keeps my body youthful and injury free.  It is the best anti-aging tool out there and it’s free! I also drink lots of water and use a dry brush to stimulate my lymphatic system. 

My daily beauty practice is pretty simple. I have to keep it simple because I am a mother to a very busy toddler, running a personal training business with my husband, and a natural movement activist with Movnat. But I refuse to neglect my self-care ritual because by taking care of myself I am able to do all these tasks better. 

I wash my face with EvanHealy’s Blue face cream for sensitive skin. It is amazing! I then spray my face with a special hydro-toner from Jessika that has immortelle. I then use her Beauty Face Oil.  It smells heavenly so part of my morning ritual is rubbing it into my hands then taking a few deep breaths before applying to my face. Amazing! I then put on a little lip gloss and use an eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes.  At night time I wash and apply Jessika’s chamomile and lavender oil to my face and 1-2x per week do an Aztec clay mask with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. That’s it! I used to use all kinds of make-up and my morning routine took way too much time. Now that I have worked self-love I don’t need all the make-up to feel beautiful. In fact, I get way more compliments now than when I did wear makeup and my skin feels and looks so much healthier.  When you love yourself your inner beauty shines through and you glow! 

What makes your spirit glow?

Honestly, taking time for myself makes my spirit glow. Going one solo hikes, sitting by water, soaking in hot springs, mediating, or even taking a nap brings me to life! During these times I am able to connect to my inner spirit and intuition and listen to her voice of wisdom.  After I take time just being with myself I feel recharged and ready to take on anything life throws my way. I have more energy for my son, I feel more creative, I am more productive at work, and I have more love to share. 

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

This is a challenging question for me because it is hard for me to stay centered in the middle of chaos. The only way I have been able to ground myself in high stress situations is to reconnect to my breath and close my eyes. Just taking a few moments to listen and feel the inhale and exhale of my breath normally helps to calm my nerves. It is also helpful to pay attention to the space between each breath. The space between each breath is where I find peace and stillness. Everything stops. So it’s normally there that I find myself again. But again, this is something that is in a work in progress for me. 

When I am stressed I normally find a place outside to sit and just be still. I breathe in the fresh air, listen to the organic music that natures plays for us, and dig my feet and hands into the earth to soak up Mother Nature’s love. 

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about educating women and empowering women through movement. I feel in love with the philosophy and methodologies of MovNat and now consider myself a MovNat activist whose mission is to bring natural movement to women, especially mothers. Right now I am running a non-profit movement challenge on Instagram with fellow MovNat instructor and mother, Chloe Parsons. Our goal is to spread the movement of well, movement   We do plan on doing more challenges in the future. 

The reason why I believe so much in MovNat is because it’s comprehensive method provides a greater purpose to why one should train. It is our biological duty to be fit and capable in order to help others in need. It is also such a great example for your children. Children are so observant and they will move the way their parents move. I already see it in my 1 ½ year old son. He already tries to balance on beams and climb trees. He is exploring his environment through movement.  And children these days don’t move as often as they should and they certainly don’t connect to nature as much as they should. They are our future and their habits and mindset are being formed right now and as the parent you are the greatest influence. So for me, being a part of the movement of natural movement makes complete sense. Being a mother, gym owner, and personal trainer, it is my responsibility to share this with everyone around me. 

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?

I would tell the world to be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to the Earth, and be kind to others. You can fight kindness. If someone attacks you with harsh words and you say something kind back, how can they retaliate? How can you fight kindness? When you love yourself you will act more kindly to the world. You will treat Mother Earth with respect, you will help those in need, and you will empower others to be their best selves as well. We can be the change we want to see. Remember kindness is magical. 

What advice would you give a new mother? 

Let your baby explore. Let him/her play barefoot, eat dirt, splash in wild water, and pick up sticks. Let them fall a couple of times and watch them get back up.  And let them see you do it too! Show them that growing up isn’t just about work, chores, and stress. Show them that you never grow too old to play and explore.

Rebar Personal Trainer Westport CT

Goddesses Share Their Secrets - Vanessa Pinkham

We asked a number of incredible goddesses about their views on love, magic, mothering and the world. Here are their responses. 

What is success to you?
"Success is living a life with meaning, my meaning, as that is ultimately all that matters. It is not in attaining material wealth, the acceptance of others or grand acknowledgment, as so often we can be lead or encouraged down a line that is praised, rewarded, and supported by society/our family/friends/mentors but ultimately, is empty for our souls. I've never wanted that for myself (or for others), I have to first feed my soul, so I know that by fierce determination, integrity and honesty in how I lead my life personally and conduct my work, I am most successful. By living this way, I know that I am contributing to the empowerment and betterment of individuals and my community (both near and far)."

What is magic to you?
 "I love this question. Magic, to me, is the physical manifestation of my persistent imaginings.

Using my mind to design my world, and then (with action to support it!) watching it all unfold before me again and again. It's the animating force in life, by my definition. If there is one thing living around the world has taught me, it is that we are all magical, every one of us, and our power increases and multiplies the more we design our world and impinge our designs upon our reality, versus accepting "what-is", because what-is is simply whatever someone else thought up before us. I've found meditation, visualisations, mantras and maintaining a sense of wonder toward our incredible Earth and Universe heighten the experience of magic in my life."

What is love for you?
"Love is the purest energy we can experience and create in this life, and  the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. At this point in my life, motherhood is the most incredible expression of love I've ever experienced."

What is your beauty /health practice?
"I move my body every single day. No matter how I feel, what I'm going through, I challenge and charge myself with movement. As a Pilates instructor by training for over 13 years, I teach movement 5-6 hours a day, but my own personal needs are only met when I move my own body with intention.

I make my own skincare, and keep it VERY simple; after struggling with atrocious, introverting facial acne for 10 years, I've tried it all, and can say with confidence what you eat makes your skin. Nourishing it, not scrubbing, peeling, stripping its oils, is how it heals. I use coconut oil to remove make up, if I wear any, and also cleanse with it, then I moisturise daily with the highest quality oils on my face and body, and heighten them with essential oils.

Lastly, I eat beautifully. Fresh, organic, as local as I can find, I make a total game out of finding and enjoying the best food I can for myself and my family.

I have lost two close relatives to cancer and diabetes, both my parents families suffer from type 1 and 2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases, cognitive diseases related to inflammation, and heart attacks. I was not raised eating this way, so I do not mess around with my health now. I value it so deeply."

What makes your spirit glow?
"I love traveling in every way, and my heart sings in South Africa, where I lived most of my adult life and where my husband is from. I adore meeting passionate, intense, brilliant people... I seem to attract them and I feel very fortunate for that. Being in nature, near running spring water, in mountains, in forests, and feeling the Earth breathe from me and into me sets me on fire. Since February 2014, my spirit sings when I see, hold, and play with my daughter."

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
"If you think about it, people typically only say "relax!" or, "chill out!" to others when they're stressed already, never when they're calm, so few people truly know how to "get there" on their own. They associate the words with times of stress. While I am exercising and intentionally taxing my body, I think incredibly positive words to myself, about how calm I am, how strong, how focused, how in control I am of my own physical experience. I'm a pretty fiery personality, so this part of training is fairly important for me. When I'm then in a seemingly stressful situation, I can go back to that trained state of mind and truly relax. Whatever is happening can remain outside of me."

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
"I have always been vocal about the importance in feeding children food they can grow on, but motherhood lit a fire in me that I did not expect. I am so passionate about breastfeeding, and I regularly attend support groups for moms starting out to show them that they can do it successfully (16 months and counting). I volunteer my time to other mothers who are embarkig on their breastfeeding journeys, and I will be pursuing my education in lactation consulting next year, which I will use when I am back in S Africa.

Organic Consumers is a great organization fighting for the protection of our food, which is a not-so-silent battle that we are winning. Consumers are realising they are being slowly poisoned through pesticide accumulation in their bodies and their children's, and the tides are turning, but a lot more needs to be done.

Every Mother Counts does AMAZING work worldwide to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers. Their efforts have brought down mortality rates, educated governments, and their grassroots campaigns have saved the lives of thousands of women and babies. They are doing beautiful work."

if you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
"You have lifetimes of wisdom hidden deep in your mind and body; listen to it, feel it, trust it. It speaks in a whisper, and this world screams to distract you. Listen. You are far more powerful than you have ever been told."

How has being a mother changed your life and what has been the greatest lesson? And what advice would you give a new mother?
"I always knew it was important to care for my body; eat salads, healthy proteins, fats, keep the sugar low. I discovered fermented foods around 21 years old, and that helped a great deal, but I always went back and forth on how well I cared for myself. I was flippant about it, like most early 20 year olds. Motherhood, however, flipped a switch and I can't turn it off. I crave, really demand proper nourishment for my mind, body and soul. Good food, supportive people, a beautiful environment. Love, honour and respect. Motherhood turned me from a cub to a lioness in so many ways, and I did not realise how much I needed that strength, my Mother Heart.

The greatest lesson so far for me in the journey of motherhood is a very personal one. I have learned that so much of my own sadness from my childhood that I could never heal - not through traveling, not through books, not through relationships, that pain that stayed with me, was waiting to be healed by loving my daughter. I have learned more about love in these short few months than I ever learned in the 28 years prior. I needed to become a mother. It was a deep, thick and powerful root of my being I needed to grow to reach the deeper nourishment in my soul, and now that I have, no storm can uproot me. I am grounded.

The best advice I could give to new mothers, is that this time is so precious. Our babies heal and grow US just as much as we grow them. Draw into your children. Every day with your child is full of Lasts, but you don't always know it. Each time you nurse your baby is one time closer to your very last time. The last time they'll wake you up at night. The last time they'll struggle to get up on all fours. The last time they'll say mama 25 times in a row.

Hold them close, kiss them, love them. Babies hold a magic of floating between the realms of Human Existence and Spiritual Existence that only we as mothers get to experience, so don't let anyone diminish it. It is the most sacred, beautiful thing in the world.

If a new mother is reading this and struggling, reach out to me or someone else you feel a connection with. I am always here to help, and there are millions of other mothers with me."

Yours with love,
Vanessa Pinkham

7 Goddesses - Nadine Artemis

We asked 7 incredible goddesses about their views on love, magic, mothering and the world. Here are their responses. 

What is success to you?
The elixir of success is feeling healthy and happy.

What is magic to you?
The entire cosmos is magical, and magic happens daily. The sunrise every day. The unfurling petals of a flower. The moon's magnetic pull on the tide. The seed that becomes a tree. The call of a loon. Sparkles on a sunlit lake. Counting one's blessings. This divine play of providence is the magic of life.

What is love for you?
Love is everything. Love is my motivating force and my energizing source.

What is your beauty/health practice?
I use my Libation creations for all of my ablutions. I also bathe in the elements, allowing the life-force of flowers, dewdrops, plants, the sun, and water to beautify, letting everything unessential, contrived, and artificial fall-away.

What makes your spirit glow?
The warm rays of the sun! Also, a swim in the lake and a walk in the woods with my son and husband rejuvenate and refresh my soul and make it glow.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I live in the midst of nature, and when chaos strikes I go outside. The deep woods and the spring fed lake, the verdant green of the trees and the blue, sparkling water are etched upon my soul and constantly nourish my senses, lungs, and body. Watching the sunrise and sunset every day and the waxing and waning of the moon are the balm that inspires my calm.

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?
I am passionate anything that uplifts the human spirit and nurtures nature. I am spirited about organizations that are involved with water purity, and we work with distillers that grow plants that prevent topsoil erosion. I also think it is important to champion all causes that help to steward the earth, including seed diversity projects and providing people all over the planet access to clear air, water, and food.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Connect with the cosmos. Listen to the whisperings of the elements as they engage your thoughts, intuition, and body. Take time to contemplate the naturally occurring phenomena that will refresh the synapse of your soul.

As a mother, what is the most important thing you've learned, and what advice would you give a new mother?
On a practical level, do what you can to help your baby's microbiome flourish, including birthing through the vaginal canal and breastfeeding, if possible. Then spend a lot of time gazing into that baby's eyes and breathing with that little soul.