The word lavender comes from the Latin lavare, meaning to wash. It was one of the favorite aromatics used by the Romans in connection with their bathing activities. In earlier times it was used to stew the floors of houses and churches on festive occasions, and very popular in toilet waters and vinegars. Lavender is cultivated in many countries, but the main producer is France, although a good quality is produced in Tasmania. The fresh scent of lavender needs no description, neither does the plant. The essence is widely used in perfumery and the oil is clear, and has a mild bitter taste. It blends well with a great number of essences, adding a light, clean, floral softness to almost any mixture. 
‘This is called lavender. If this be sodden in water, give that water to drink to aman that hath the palsy, and it will heal him. It’s hot and dry’ ~Banckes Herbal
Lavender is regarded as one of the most versatile and useful essences of therapeutic purpose. Its properties show a fairly equal balance between yin and yang, and in this context virtually neutral. Lavender is a heart tonic and calms the nerves of the heart. Lavender is useful where there is inflammation, hence it makes a wonderful skin healer, burns, acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, boils, wounds, ulcers conjunctivitis, and also amazing for muscle aches adding to a massage makes for soothed muscles, and for the head. A skin ointment for it is antiseptic. Also very known as a cytophylactic (regeneration of skin cells) and so making it a skin rejuvenating agent. It’s pleasant smell makes for a natural deodorant. A useful remedy for treating colic, gentle enough for an infant, good for whooping cough, useful for ear, throat, and and nose conditions, great for delivery as it makes for a speedy delivery and yet doesn’t increase the severity of contractions. It calms the mother, and can be used as a refreshing compress, the oil can be used for back pain, and always to purify the air and mind. Lavender is the go to for ALL as it is non toxic and very mild, yet profound in it’s healing properties.  Lavender is used in our LOVE OIL.

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