This is one of my most favorite meditation spots. I have literally spent full days in stillness, in prayer, in song, and in vision their by the lake and looking up to this mountain, I have climbed it many times… once with Erwan and while I was pregnant. It’s steep wildness reminds me of who I am and my constant need to ground self with earth mother, and yet to soar high like the bird with my visions, Feaher Eagle Sky Oil blends have been inspired out in this land, and while it came to my attention that it was Georgia O’Keeffe’s favorite mountain and was the view from her yard, it has been and is still mine too,  spending many days wild in play and swimming, dancing in the moonlight in deep AWE as the sunset paints the land into so many different colors.  I love this mountian… Perdernal.  It feels as close to me as a flower to it’s perfume.

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