A Personal Story

When Jessika decided to create her line of organic oils, I immediately knew that she was up to something simply phenomenal. Something of the highest quality, of the highest value and meaning, something authentically beneficial to anyone who would use her products. I, of course, would be privileged with trying her first blend. She actually composed her first signature for me. My senses, and skin, had an immediate blast. The naturally healing virtues of each and every oil she’s sourced are so potent that they can literally be smelled and sensed by the brain, as if an ancient area of the psyche is reawakened to its primal wisdom.

When Jessika told me people were starting to write testimonials already, I was not surprised, because I have my personal story to share too.

A few years ago, I had a skin issue caused by exposure to the sun, and a spot in my back near my right shoulder that preventively had to be removed surgically. A few weeks ago, after spending 2 weeks of vacation in Puerto Rico and despite avoiding the sunniest hours, applying (natural yet effective) sun screen, and despite not getting sunburned, I contracted something exactly similar, this time near my left shoulder. So obviously I was a little bummed at the idea of having to get it removed and the scar that is bound to come with it. 

Jessika told me to apply every day, 3 times a day a special oil blend that she specifically did for this issue, which I did religiously. I must admit that I was not particularly convinced it would work, but must admit that it DID work, and wonderfully. The first days, I did not really noticed a change. But then it felt like the spot, which normally felt slightly itchy and irritated (despite avoiding touching it), started to dry. Soon the little scab fell off. Then I stopped applying the oil because I just forgot about the spot, maybe because I stopped feeling its presence. A few days later, that’s around 20 days after I started using the oil, I passed my fingers in the area where the spot was, expecting the feel it right away. I could not. It was gone entirely, to the point I could not feel, or see where it was originally. I know that the whole story may sound like it’s an embellishment, or even entirely made up. It is not. It is my experience and I share it as exactly as it is, no more, no less.

Last, I observe that too many men seem concerned that taking care of their skin is not a very manly behavior. I believe it is. Being healthy and aging gracefully is a manly behavior. It is not just a matter of movement and nutrition, it is a matter of overall lifestyle. Telling me I’d have to use heavy, commercial chemicals for my face rather than organic oils is like telling me I should go to the globo gym to workout rather than train my natural movements in the open. It wouldn’t make any sense to me, it would give me the same sense of absurd artificialness. Using oil blends by Feathereaglesky is not only a much healthier option, it is also perpetuating one of the most ancestral self-care rituals. As a man, don’t you think that you should be strong, and look healthy too?

-Erwan Le Corre


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