Katlin Doyle

What is success to you?

Success to me is fulfillment. That inner spark of happiness, deep purpose, true love. And thatouter manifestation of a balanced life: healthy body, mind, spirit. Success is a life devoted to purpose, prayer, passion, and love.

What is magic for you?

Magic is the sweet morning song of the bird that comes to share her melody at the exact right moment. Magic is the rays of sun that find their way through the nook of the window pane and dance onto my skin. Magic is the way a river bounces over the pebbles and rushes to kiss the ocean. I truly believe that magic is just this delicate life we live. But we must open our hearts and eyes to receive its blessing. When we ask for magic, alchemy births and all becomes magical.

What is love for you?

Oh love. Love is a universe, it is our closest ancestor, it is in the breath we breathe, it is everything and only. When I came to recognize love as a force of nature just like the great holy Spirit and the Divine Mother- I started to understand the vast and infinite potential of love we have at our fingertips. We can always love deeper. We can always grow more within love. We can always ask for loves assistance even when we feel alone and heartbroken. Love will always show more of its depth. Like anything, it is our devotion that creates our relationship. Love, love. And Love will love you back. 

What is your beauty/health practice?

Nature. Rest. Local healthy food and nourishment. Movement of the body. Meditation. Prayer. Medicine of the earth. Making love. Laughter. Pleasure. Elemental bathing. Being with the water, the fire, the earth, the wind. When I can fully commit to these things, I feel so divinely beautiful, so healthy and strong, so aligned and true..

What makes your spirit glow?

Ohhhh coming together in ceremony. Gathering in sacred ceremony with plants, gathering in sacred ritual with community. Sharing on this level of intimacy, coming together to transform and to remember. I glow also from the deep simple sweetness of life. Those days that are so simple, so free, so filled with grace and ease. Connected to the earth and her cycles, connected to the rhythms of true life. This is what makes me glow. 

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

Breath. Coming back to what is real- the ocean always and forever will heal me and remind me of what is true. Her vast body that contains the mystery of life always returns me to the infinite journey of my soul. So when chaos strikes, making sure I connect with nature, the ocean, and simple slowing down rituals. Making tea, making a meal, bathing, playing music and singing. 

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?

Any cause that is here to bring awareness to helping our Mother. Any cause that is helping restore our waters. Any cause helping to protect and honor women and children in danger and unrighteousness.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?

To remember. Remember what is real. And if you don’t know what is real that may you seek that truth within your heart and follow it. Love deep and true. Return to the earth and her divine wisdom. Return to the celestial tides and the light of divinity within. Share your beauty. Share your gift. Share your love.

What advice would you give to a new mother?

Be gentle and allow your mothering to Mother yourself anew as well. You have both been birthed, so let this process be humbling and beautiful.