Mother’s Day Feature Goddess

Mother’s Day Feature Goddess What is success to you?   Success is being self-disciplined to make independent “good choices” and completing a task or an action. Moving forward one step at a time, and being resilient when we encounter obstacles or fail on the way, this are only opportunities to try again, to learn more, to stay in the question, what is it that I am not seeing? What else is possible? How does it get any better? Being determined and committed is essential, not giving up regardless of the circumstances.     Success is having freedom of spirit and an … Read More



What is success to you? Success to me means living in the the deepest possible alignment with Heart, Soul and Nature. This is how I offer my best and most potent medicine, because it’s not even about me when I align in this way; It’s nature speaking and doing through me. It’s my ancestors speaking and doing through me. It’s the universe speaking and doing through me. Success to me is embodying my potential, embodying what I came here to be and do, and allowing that embodiment to help inspire others embody what they came here to be and do. … Read More


Katlin Doyle

What is success to you? Success to me is fulfillment. That inner spark of happiness, deep purpose, true love. And thatouter manifestation of a balanced life: healthy body, mind, spirit. Success is a life devoted to purpose, prayer, passion, and love. What is magic for you? Magic is the sweet morning song of the bird that comes to share her melody at the exact right moment. Magic is the rays of sun that find their way through the nook of the window pane and dance onto my skin. Magic is the way a river bounces over the pebbles and rushes … Read More


New Moon Musings, Book Release, and Retreat Announcement

1. New Moon, My Moontime, and Plants “In the red tent, the truth is known. In the red tent, where days pass like a gentle stream, as the gift of Innana courses through us, cleansing the body of last month’s death, preparing the body to receive the new month’s life, women give thanks — for repose and restoration, for the knowledge that life comes from between our legs, and that life costs blood.” — Anita Diamant, The Red Tent New Moon and Moon time is a Sacred time. It’s a time of deep intuition and much needed self love. This … Read More


Sarah Van Pelt

Goddesses Share Their Secrets. What is success to you?  I’ve recently taken an interest in the idea of “Dharma.” Just being able to fathom some potential, cosmic order really astounds me. Though I’m not yet comfortable stating that as one of my strong beliefs, I feel success is finding your place in this life and thriving there.  What is magic for you?  Synchronicity. When you think of someone and they call you, when you think a thought and the person next to you says it… synchronicity is everywhere. It’s like the universe telling you that you’re in line. I just love … Read More


Taylor Armstrong

Goddesses Share Their Secrets. What is success to you?Being as self sustainable as possible while living within my integrity. Gathering and growing my food. Placing myself in the way of beauty every day. Celebrating small victories, like reaching the top of a peak or creating a beautiful meal or work of art for those I love. Serving in a meaningful way that expresses my unique medicine.  What is magic for you?The natural world is flooded with magic at every moment. When I tap into that, it’s so easy to see that magic is the essence of life. It’s when I’m … Read More


RhiAnnon Griego

Goddesses Share Their Secrets What is success to you? Understanding ones talents and learning how to harness them in a way that enables one to live a full life from those talents is a successful life in my opinion.  Success has many woven threads within its web and my definition of success will continue to change as it is tied into the present of each chapter in life. If I may live my life in a sustainable way that supports my growth, my health, my relations, the Earth and enables me to create what I hold in my heart, I am … Read More


Baelyn Elspeth

Goddesses share their secrets… What is success to you?Remembering. Coming back to presence when I forget. Being able to feel each moment and assist the flow of harmony between all the elements and moving parts. A balance of showing up fully open and ready to serve whilst sitting back gracefully and allowing it all to unfold. What is magic for you?The elements. Nature. The feet and lets that carry my body around everyday. That you can plant seed into the ground and from it arises green life that stretches to the sun and then forms a juicy red sweet berry … Read More


Katie Hess

Goddesses Share Their Secrets… What is success to you?Success to me is engaging in activities that make a difference in people’s lives. Even if only if only ONE person’s life is profoundly and positively affected, that’s worth it. I also love the ability to create beautiful experiences and a vision that people can align with, and have that support myself, my family, my team and the community.  What is magic for you?Tiny synchronicities. Signs in nature. Flowers + their tremendous, transformative powers. Trees + their wisdom. Mother Earth in her ancient + vast knowingness. Poetry, creative writing + the way … Read More