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Goddesses Share Their Secrets…

What is success to you?
Remembering. Coming back to presence when I forget. Being able to feel each moment and assist the flow of harmony between all the elements and moving parts. A balance of showing up fully open and ready to serve whilst sitting back gracefully and allowing it all to unfold.

What is magic for you?
The elements. Nature. The feet and lets that carry my body around everyday. That you can plant seed into the ground and from it arises green life that stretches to the sun and then forms a juicy red sweet berry that makes your mouth pucker and water and brings a smile to your face. That fire conducts water. The sunrise. The sunset. The moon.

What is love for you?
An opened ended mystery of trust and surrender.

What is your beauty / health practice?
I love being out in nature. I love lying on the earth. Swimming in the ocean. Going from hot to cold has always been very healing for me. So, sweating in the sauna and then cold plunging. Putting organic foods in my body and natural plant based products on my skin. Stretching every morning. Drinking tea. Laughing.

What makes your spirit glow?
An open heart connected to unconditional infinite love. The deep resonant heartbeat of the drum. Dancing and singing.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
It is easy if I am in the middle of it and it doesn’t hit a personal trigger. Kind of like the eye of a tornado, I just stay centered in stillness. I sit and observe and from that witnessing much can be learned. If the chaos pulls and lures me into the spiral, well then best to surrender and dance with it until I find myself once again seated in the eye.

Remembering the breath can help me to skillfully dance through the storm. Meditation helps expose the triggers so we can unravel them and return to the center.

Eventually there is no separation between the two and we can rest in stillness on the outer edges of chaos and dance with ecstatic abandon in the center…

What causes and organizations are you passionate about?
Global Tea Hut
For the Wild
Zeno Mountain Farm

If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say?
Wake up. Take responsibility for the life you have created for yourself. Turn the finger you have been pointing outward inward. Remember your spirit and who you are. Open your heart and love it all.


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