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Goddesses Share Their Secrets…

What is success to you?
Understanding ones talents and learning how to harness them in a way that enables one to live a full life from those talents is a successful life in my opinion.

Success has many woven threads within its web and my definition of success will continue to change as it is tied into the present of each chapter in life. If I may live my life in a sustainable way that supports my growth, my health, my relations, the Earth and enables me to create what I hold in my heart, I am a successful woman.

On a linear level, I want a ranch in New Mexico with horses, mini horses, goats and sheep. I’d love to have a weaving and arts center to support the future generations of artists to rise. If I could spend my later years riding horses, weaving and watching sunsets everyday in the Land of Enchantment, I’d say success is mine.

What is magic for you?
Magic is the space between, its the way life is intended to be when our minds aren’t stuck in the doorway of logic. It’s the enchantment of synchronicity and the horizon of possibility if we can allow ourselves to listen and follow it. Magic has many a countenance and many a name but for me, magic sings loudest through intuition. It’s the YES in life.

What is love for you?
Love is the truth of life. Love is a phenomenon that perpetually mystifies me and fills me with awe. Love is my greatest teacher to whom I am devoted to all my days.

What is your beauty /health practice?
My beauty routine has always been very simple, keep it natural. Minimal make-up and organic beauty products. I lavish my skin with a variety of rose oils. I also limit my exposure to long hours of direct sun.

Water is my medicine and I de-stress with hot springs, baths and lots of bodywork. Biweekly massage and cranial sacral is a necessity for me with my intense weaving work schedule. I eat 85% plants to meat for meals and listen always to what my body is requesting of me.. My diet mirrors the seasons as do my social engagements. As an introvert who is prolific with art, it’s an absolute that I am in balance with my socializing. In spring and summer, I follow the trail of adventure. When autumn and winter are present, I’m found indoors cooking food, enjoying some wine with a small group of friends and practicing stillness. Quality over quantity is a mantra for me.

I exercise 3 times a week, vascillating between hot yoga, Pilates or running. As a health practice, I implement one day a week without any work. I’m practicing the art of disconnecting more from social media to go hiking and tune further into the real knowledge of life. My meditation practice fluctuates with the demands of my schedule however I try to mediate at least 15 minutes each morning. I also have a daily gratitude practice in the morning with an evening gratitude practice right before sleep.

One of the more important practices that serves my mental health these days is facing an obstacle or conflict fully. Movement is crucial for my mental health as well emotional/spiritual health. I’m very devoted to moving through conflict as quickly as possible so the stagnant emotions may be removed and replaced with space for more love and more creative energy. This practice feels quite relevant in this age of technology and I’ve also adopted as a rule, absolutely no processing of emotional matter via text message. When something feels out of alignment, I hop on a call, clear it and get back to the loving. It is a health practice to hold my relations in a clear and integral way.

What makes your spirit glow?
Creating art, self expression in myriad of form and laughter are the staples. I’ve always treated myself like a lady, donned my treasured garb and taken myself out to some lovely dinners. I’ve learned to treat myself that way I’d want a partner to treat me. Making my niece laugh hysterically uplifts me in a new way I couldn’t have conjured before her birth.

For the wild woman within me, sitting in solitude atop a giant boulder with the winds whipping my hair around makes me glow. Camping alone in the desert and building myself a fire is enmpowering, dancing wildly by moonlight with loud music playing emblazens my spirit and praying with my spiritual allies in ceremony makes my entire being as bright as it was born with.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Coffee, visualization and time outs. A good latte with have me charge through it all and I love coffee, ha. I visualize myself anchoring myself into the earth as a redwood and breathing in as much space as I need to be present with what I am facing. Communication and the manner/tone of communication is one of my greatest tools. When triggers arises, I kindly ask for a few minutes of alone time to process, breath and return. Knowing my own boundaries and communicating a need for assistance with them also allows me to move forwardly through anything. I also encourage myself internally and create positive feedback loops that allow my bandwidth to expand even greater.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
Right now, it’s women’s work. I’m researching organizations outside of the country that would enable me to study with and employ global networks of indigenous women with steady income. Preserving tradition and empowering women to retain their traditional wisdom is very important to me so I’m working on a project that will allow younger generations to feel empowered to do what their grandmothers have done. When I became a woman of the loom, I also took on the responsibility on what it means to be a weaver in society. Weaver’s really hold a mystical power that has fallen by the wayside in Western culture so I’d really like to see the honoring of both male and female in indigenous cultures that still uphold the traditions. I plan to return to Mexico and travel to South America soon to acquaint myself more with these communities in need of support.

Man Makers is a small online project I have also started in effort to really highlight the craftsman of the men in our community. When the Trump regime began, I felt more of the need of the support from good and empathetic men in our society. Western society has been patriarchal for so many ions and through this chaos of the political climate, I believe many outstanding men are recognizing the need to evermore support women. My intention was to highlight the divine masculine that comes through the handmade proces of these artists and feel like there is a unification within the art world. We need the beauty and powerful messages of art and with all strength of our female nation stepping up, it’s time to balance with beauty. So, in a small way, Man Makers is means of creating harmony within our greater community. The interviews from some of the men and their respect for their female peers really has made me glow in gratitude.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
This will speak to the heart of the novice and perfectionist. Your work is to train yourself not to compare yourself to anyone as you truly are your own world. You have come in with your gifts and spirit alone, turn inward to explore the vastness of you and the only you who could only be you. Press pause on your self judgment and your critique. Set your goals and take note from those you admire but remember, you are exactly where you need to be at this time. Comparison is a waste of your finite resource of time and you alone are here to do your work. I believe everyone is born with creativity and if this is the past for you to embody, this one slice of advice will enable you to keep your eyes on your own goal. Let’s allow all of our sisters to be queens of their worlds and we can be the queens of ours. We are here to support one another and this world is so much more lovely when we all get to be queens of our own castles. This will enable you to experience much more compassion for yourself along the road.

How do you Mother the world?
With my vulnerability. When I chose to walk within this strength, I’ve been witness to many more humans softening to their own strengths. Vulnerability allows us to enter the heartspace and gracefully push the ego aside, providing a meeting ground where magic and love reside. I’m constantly learning to forgive myself and take responsibility for my faults in a way that allows me to learn and not repeat mistakes. I also chose to mother with my ability to listen. Many times, people want to talk without receiving advice. Whole hearted listening teaches you to be present and hop in another’s shoes. When I’ve witnessed a mother listening to her toddler, the whole experience seems to work out smoother.