Luminous is a magic blend of potent ingredients that will leave skin GLOWING! The benefits of nature are sweeter than you’d imagined, Luminous is a delicious blend of Mother Earth’s most fragrant and healing

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Stawberries were used by the ancient Egyptians to treat acne and other
skin issues, brown spots, wrikles, aging, and are anit-inflammatory, along
with fragrant licorice root which has powerful skin lightening properties
due to the naturally-occuring compounds of glabridin, which encourages the
skin to create its own strengthening connective tissues. Studies have
found licorice to reduce the depth of wrinkles and to increase overall
tone and hydration. This plant is the perfect example of how whole plant
can provide multiple beneficial skincare functions. I’ve added Camu Camu
(vitamin C) which initiates the production of collagen and brightens skin
as well, along with vanilla powder a natural antioxidant, and cinnamon
which stimulates blood flow to the surface of skin helping to detox and
cleanse, as well as a base of ancient chickpea flour which is a great use
for a gentle non-abrasive scrub. This is the ultimate for glowing radiant
skin, and is gentle enough to be used once daily. Beauty is YOU!


Mix equal parts of powder with drops of water
or Cleansing Beauty Face Oil into palm of hands
and gently scrub in circular motion all over face neck
and chest. Rise off with warm water.


Organic Chickpea flour, Licorice root powder, Rosehip powder, Cinnamon
powder, Starwberry Powder, Vanilla powder, Camu Camu powder, and Jessika’s

Our Products are more than just skin care,
they are a ritual of self love. They affirm daily
that without makeup, without a mask, you are enough. For
everyone, when they are truly themselves, is beautiful.
Reclaim Pureness


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