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Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
Happiness. I mean happiness as a whole, not in fleeting moments. I talk with my husband about this question fairly often. Growing up I always dreamed of being successful thinking that meant having a career with fame and fortune…how wrong I was. Success, for me in my life, is finally living in a magical land I’ve dreamed about since childhood, being married to a loving husband who adores and honors me, being happy and confident in my skin, having a business doing what I love that helps to provide food for my husband and animal children. I can honestly say I never felt successful in my life until I married my love and moved out west to this enchanting land. I believe that to be successful one needs to listen to their soul’s needs and honor it, without fear, because when you honor your soul everything else will fall into place. It’s magic.

What is magic for you?
Aside from what I just touched on above, magic is everything, everywhere. I’ve always felt magic in the wind, the trees, the water, the animals, and the earth, but there’s magic in every human being also. A few years ago, when I left all familiarity behind, for the second time in my life because my soul felt drained and stifled, I dug deep into various books that talked about the human energy field. One book in particular provided experiments I could do to prove that we as humans are filled with magical powers. I felt like my mind was blown open! For the first time ever I was able to see and *feel* how we are all connected and in total control of the universe, our lives, and each other’s lives. The life I lead now is a total manifestation and every day gets better and better because now I know and believe in my Power.

What is love for you?
Oh boy. Love is patience and acceptance. Love is honoring yourself while honoring others even if they are so different from you. Love is listening, silently, and with an open mind and heart, to what others (be it human, animal, tree, etc.) have to tell you and teach you. Love is knowing yourself and when to hold your tongue because your tongue might stifle another’s magic. Love is rejoicing in other’s victories wholeheartedly and crying at other’s grievances. Love is honoring yourself by honoring the earth that provides for *us*. I love so much, so deeply and passionately, that this question is almost impossible to answer. Someone once told me I should write a book called “Julia Loves” that lists all the millions of things I love because every day “I Love ….” seems to be my most used statement, but every time I say it I mean it.

What is your beauty /health practice?
I may be one of the most low maintenance 30 year old’s ever, but I think it’s because I’m 30. When I was younger I wore so much foundation and makeup that I was breaking out all the time, I dyed my hair so much it was dry and breaking, I shaved all the hair on my body, and I was unhappy. The first thing to go was the makeup. I had awful acne in my early 20’s and no fancy face wash did anything to help it. Then I read an interview with supermodel Cindy Crawford that asked how she kept her skin so clear and she said she never wore makeup (except in photoshoots) and only washed her face with plain, unscented bar soap. I tried it and my acne disappeared. I haven’t worn makeup or bought face wash in 7 years and I’ve been acne free just as long. When I was 24 I shaved my head because my hair was so destroyed from dying it dark brown or black for so long. I haven’t dyed my hair since, I also haven’t brushed my hair since I was a kid. The last to go was the shaving. As I’ve grown closer to being 30 and have also grown more relaxed and at ease in my marriage – because my husband is so adoring no matter what I do or don’t do – I’ve started re-evaluating some things. One is that I’ve always hated shaving my whole life because it takes so long and I’d rather be doing something else. Finally I just stopped shaving altogether about 3 months ago, and I still feel just as sexy, if not sexier. I even stopped plucking my eyebrows, haha. So, my health and beauty practice is simple: smile, laugh, go on long hikes, honor my internal body by eating real foods that honor my vata dosha, spend quality time with those I love like my husband and friends, honor my soul by taking time to ask her what she needs, sleep, and dance to David Bowie! All of these things make my skin, hair, eyes, and teeth glow! (I do still shower and brush my teeth…)

What makes your spirit glow?
Disconnecting and going for a long hike with my husky, Katja, and husband if he’s free. Sitting in the sun on the earth, barefoot, drinking my yerba mate. Long healthy chats with my husband. Working on new leather designs and spending all day in my studio deep in the creative flow. Evenings with friends over a bottle of wine. I’m super empathetic and therefore highly sensitive so letting myself cry or sob when the urge comes over me is such a release that leaves me feeling lighter and brighter afterwards.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
This one took a lot of work and training for me. I’m so sensitive and if there’s chaos I easily get overwhelmed and have panic attacks. One thing I finally feel I’ve succeeded at is noticing that if my heart starts beating faster and harder and my hands start shaking and my body temperature drops then* leave*. Even if I’m deep in the middle of chaos I will just drop it completely and step away to my studio, or go for a drive, or just walk out onto the mesa I live on. I’ve learned that staying when my blood pressure is that high will not improve the chaos and is so unhealthy for my body and soul. Walking away and calming down allows me the clarity to re-enter the chaos with a peaceful energy that almost always leads to a happy result.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
There are countless causes and organizations that speak to me and it’s impossible to know where to begin. I will say that one goal I have for my business is to pick a cause each month and contribute a portion of the monthly income to an organization that is associated with that cause. I want to end forced labor, particularly child labor. I want to end sex trade. I want to end poaching. I want to end Monsanto and the spread of GMOs. I want to end deforestation. I want to end water pollution from mining. I want to end feed lots and spread the importance of holistic cattle management that will in turn improve our grasslands. I want to end judgement and hate and segregation and double standards. The first place to start is with love, and the second place is patience, and the third place is passion…

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
We really are all connected as one giant unit. If we could all stop blaming our actions on human nature or others and started being accountable to ourselves then we can all work together energetically and make magic happen!

*If you are not a mother how do you mother the world? *”Motherhood is more than bearing children – it is the essence of who we are as women.” I believe that all women are mothers and are *the* mother. By honoring myself, honoring the people, honoring the animals, honoring the plants, I mother the earth.