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Beauty face oil is amazing! Completely. I love it so much... I'm hooked! Loving the ritual of washing my face and then massaging in a few drops. It's so lovely - I feel like it's giving my face a big, happy hug! But really. I love it and I am worried I am going to use it up too fast! My skin is feeling really pretty amazing, and I'm feeling a bit spoiled, but in a good way. LOVE my Beauty Face Oil, But can't wait for your Mother Oil, as I know it has to be just as lovely as your face Oil. I can feel the care, attention to detail, and love that you manifest into your products. Maybe it's the magic that you and your team put into it... As I'm not the most spiritual person, but I feel this, girl. Ha!


I spend the bulk of my time outside in nature and flying to different places on the planet; both are hard on my skin. After years of stripping my face of its natural oils to "keep it clean, " I've found radiant, supple skin by doing the opposite - washing it very little, using only water - and adding five drops of Feather Eagle Sky's Beauty Oil twice a day. I'm down to two beauty products these days, an organic tinted lip balm and Feather Eagle Sky! Love, love, love this oil! -KATY BOWMAN
Author Move your DNA and Alignment Matters

"I have worn all black for years now, I had no idea when I ordered and started applying the Beauty Face Oil that not only would my skin feel good, but somehow it made me start appreciating colors, now I'm dressing in blue and yellow, a remarkable oil that has had a softening effect on my mind."


I live in the high desert with a very dry climate and have struggled to adequately moisturize my skin. I now start my day with Beauty Face Oil and Mother Body Oil from FeatherEagleSky. Talk about luxury! My skin loves it! Not only does it feel amazing it smells great too!


I have been a professional in the healing arts for about twenty years incorporating, among other traditions, Ayurveda, into my practice. I have explored every top-shelf skin care line on the market as well as the magic of secrets passed down woman to woman in villages around the world. I have been using FeatherEagleSky face and body oils since they were made available - with spectacular results. There is nothing like it on the market today. The products stand alone in transforming the skin to truly radiant. These oils are the highest quality organic, smell divine in the most natural way, are sourced sustainably and thoughtfully, and are blessed with the highest of vibrations. I put nothing else on this skin.

Massage Therapist & Oriental Medicine Practitioner

My skin looks and feels the best it has in a long time and I feel so much more like a wild and confident goddess. I highly recommend Feather Eagle Sky to anyone who is looking for skincare that is not harmful, ethically harvested, smells delicious, and promotes anti-aging from only the finest plants picked with love and gratitude. Her love for the healing powers of essential oils illuminates all of her products.

Mother, YOGI, Personal Trainer, & Goddess

I have combination skin with dry patches and oily spots. I use beauty face oil after every shower and my skin has completely changed! I love the way my face looks and fell now! Thanks, Feather Eagle Sky!


I have used the beauty oil on my face and neck for two weeks. Other people have noticed the progress. I LOVE it!

San Diego, Texas

I live in a dry climate. I enjoy putting the beauty face oil on my skin day and night it infuses my face with lots of moisture and feels so soft! Your oils are so awesome. Thank you Feather Eagle Sky!

New Mexico

I've struggled for years trying expensive products to heal my skin from things I did when I was young. I needed to help it regenerate cells in a healthy way and since I have been using Feather Eagle Sky Beauty Face Oil, my skin is returning to a youthful state before my eyes. I want to cry at the miracle taking place. Not only is it transforming my skin, but the smell of the oil helps me to recognize how I am taking care of myself like never before. I am also using the Aya Spirit Oil and living in the dry desert climate my skin has never felt better. I feel like I am receiving a revolutionary spa treatment on a daily basis in my home. I start my day loving myself with these oils and go into my day with so much love and peace. It's a beautiful thing and I am beyond grateful! Can't wait to try all the oils... Love Oil is next!

New Mexico

All I can say is, AMAZING!! I live in New Mexico, which is a dry climate and I needed something to moisturize my skin, so I started using Beauty Face Oil. Not only does it moisturize and replenish my skin, but it seems to be diminishing the lines around my eyes. And it smells wonderful. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

New Mexico