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My journey into the health of the whole (mind body spirit) began as a small girl. Growing up in small mountain village 10,000 ft. I would spend full days playing in the woods, in the trees, on mountains, even my backyard had no borders. I instinctively knew that plants were meant to be used for our well being. I would spend hours mashing wild roses and plants into a pulp and covering myself, making “potions” made from these vibrant colorful plants. I would dig from the rich soil in my yard creating giant holes to fill with water from the hose, where I would then get naked and bathe in the sun, laying out with the mud from the earth all over my body in the form of a mask a rich clay, drying, and then washing off.

I am passionate about plants, about our relationship with plants, and a return to the old ways. Our planet provides immense gifts, a bounty of delicious botanicals, clays, salts, oils, herbs, and spices that it is hard for me to understand how we have strayed so far from that to the current trend.



Ceremony is my practice, this includes diet, fasting, plant medicines, song and dance, and I spend lots of time in nature, in prayer, meditation, silence, and stillness allowing the insights and the light to flow. The greatest love story begins with yourself and overflows from there. I learn EVERYTHING connecting with Source, yet I humble myself as knowing nothing at all…

I breathe in all of my ancestors and know that they are always with me, blessing every step. I have been making plant based creations since a child, and now I share these gifts with you.

Beauty truly does come from within and I know that without a healthy body, mind, and spirit, everything else suffers.

There is no magic bullet though… it’s not a day at the spa and then back to the real world, this is a journey back to our roots, a way of life, a daily ritual. The ingredients I source are from the best places in the world, and from the best top soil are simple yet complex and have profound healing properties on every level. The essence of the plants are a way back for you to connect with your truest self. The smell and feel will ignite all of your senses and facilitate harmony and balance.