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We asked 7 incredible goddesses about their views on love, magic, mothering and the world. Here are their responses.

What is success to you?
Success to me is peace in my heart and soul, as that means all is in flow as should be. When I am at peace I always succeed in all I do and I am able to bring that to others and help them too.

What is magic to you?
Magic is what doesn’t seem like reality as it is so whimsical with promise and glee or a mystery leaving us with anticipation. Yet we literally do see magic in our day to day lives. Some call it a miracle or blessings from above.

What is love for you?
Seeing a person, looking deep into their eyes and hearing them speak. No judgement. Just observation of the beauty they radiate. If they are in pain, be there for them. Even if a stranger, just looking into their eyes, smiling and maybe sharing some kinds words will warm their heart with LOVE. Especially for those I see homeless begging for help. Kindness with LOVE makes everyone’s day.

What is your beauty /health practice?
The mind, body and spirit. Movement is crucial. Interestingly I keep changing my joys of exercise over the last 8 years. I was a gym rat since I was 14 years old. Loved all outdoor fun like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and scuba diving. I also created a mini gym in my home for convenience. Due to other life interests and demands needing my attention, I sold all my sports equipment. I feel and look my best when I get some form of sweaty exercise. Hiking, hot yoga and some gym time. I see and feel the glow it gives me. The other elemental parts is clean organic foods along with spirituality. As we know, “Your are what you eat and think.”

What makes your spirit glow?
LOVE! Seeing people love one another. And the innocence of children.I don’t have children but I do love being around them. They teach us too.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
By balancing breath. During chaos our breath tends to shorten. I stop and focus on my breathing and breath deep and long with slow exhale, continuing till I feel ease. And trying to always remember to think before acting. Being quiet is a valuable way to work through chaos. Remain calm and get through it. There is always light again. I love the saying of truth, “This too shall pass.”

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
I support organic food organizations.. One favorite is the Fruit TreePlantingFoundation (FTPF) ( FTPF is a nonprofit charity dedicated to planting fruit trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat climate change, strengthen communities and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water. Their work is seen and felt worldwide. And I love how kids are involved. We must be a part of a better future for them. We should all plant at least one tree that bears fruit every year at least. If you don’t have the land, find a place that needs it and can support the growth of your gifted tree. So simple yet so rewarding.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
LIVE in LOVE. Such a simple act and desire by all of humanity. Even the evil humans crave LOVE. I actually feel they are so raving mad because they are starving for LOVE. Many say we want peace in the world. Please share your LOVE with those who are hurting themselves and others. There is a void in their lives and it is LOVE. Human contact, face to face, eye to eye and heart to heart is crucial for survival which leads to a happier experience on planet Earth.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a mother? And what advice could you give a new mother?
Growing up I saw myself as the amazing wife and mother to two children. My path in life has not gifted me such. I now have two AWEmazing indoor boy cats. (Okay, stop right now from rolling your eyes as they might get stuck back there). My furry boys really are my kids. It is not what I thought would be at this time in my life. This conversation has come up with many of my childless friends. Some just flat out did not want kids, some had fertility issues, or like me, never met the right man to give and support such a blessing in life. It will always be a thought with me, as I observe other friends and women, the feelings of completeness of birthing a child and watching, learning, loving, and sharing the joy of your own child. How I compensate for this missing ‘life’ in my life is I take great joy with my siblings and friends kids. I love being the ‘Auntie’. I love seeing all that their parents share. It excites me! I give thanks to all mothers who share their children with others. They entertain us, force us to be stronger, we learn from them. My favorite is they bring out the child in me again and again. Thank you!! Innocence of a child is a valuable teacher and easy to LOVE!

Live in Love!
Kimber Mahon