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Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What does success mean to me?
Success means waking up happy and eager for the day, and the life I’ve created for myself, and going to sleep satisfied and feeling fulfilled with the impact I’ve had.

What is magic for you?
Nature, in all it’s enchanting glory, is pure magic to me!

What is love for you?
Love is the expression of all that we are. It is the realness in connection. It’s the all encompassing force by which we are alive!

What is your beauty / health practice?
Less is more. Let Nature do her thing! A long time ago I released attachment to always having to use products for the sake of looking better, and instead made superior choices in every moment to achieve the results I wanted. It’s deeply liberating! I am the creator and formulator for my own (and others) organic + wildcrafted skincare line. I value edible and nutritious ingredients, so your skin will joyfully drink it up and shine 🙂 It works! Living wild spring water give your blood purity, and the health of your blood speaks through the skin.

What makes your spirit glow?
Knowing that I have attracted the most extraordinary man of my wildest visions, and that we’ve created the most perfect little angel baby to remind us of why we are all here: for joy, love, and happiness. There is divine orchestration in absolutely everything that gets us to where we are! What a blessing.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Daily use of adaptogenic tonic herbs, bare feet on the earths surface, outdoor exploration. Training my mind to remember the zen I feel when at peace and doing so by choice. Over time, with re-programming my mind to release fear and a charged reaction, I am a positively different woman for doing so.

What causes / organizations are you passionate about?
I have a deep connection to helping orphans around the globe by supporting them in any way imaginable. One of my biggest dreams ever is to fly around the world giving inspirational talks to villages and communities in need, letting them know that they are not ever alone, that someone deeply cares about them from afar & even though we haven’t met until then, and that they will be okay. I want to swoop in like an angel mama, radically shift their lives for the better, and dance my way onto the next adventure.

My 2016 plan is to create a non-profit called Revive Your Life Foundation in an effort to uplift and inspire humanity in ways that make significant impact by letting people know we care. I dedicate funds from my business, Edible Goddess, toward this cause. We are here to help others, and this is how we create a more kind, loving, humane, and delicious life for all!

If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say?
Believe in yourself. Always and forever.

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you’ve learned?
That I would not have been given this sacred gift if I did not have the precise capabilities, attitude, fortitude, and strength to do it better than I’ve been able to do anything else in my life. I have learned that I was born for this! 🙂

What advice would you give to a new mother?
Surrender. You will be given endless opportunities to either succumb to overwhelm, stress, and doubt, or to rise with your new life. Empower yourself by committing fully, appreciating the learning curve, and letting your child be the catalyst to drive out the things, people, and places which truly no longer serve you. They will do this if you let them. Your children will also show you the very things you have wished to change about yourself, in the initial postpartum weeks. Let this be the chance you seek for greater self-evolution!

I thought of this during the 1st week postpartum after my Ella Pearl was born. I AM A PROUD MOTHER: