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Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
When you can be real. When you arrive in a place -mental or physical- where you no longer feel required to be something you’re not or no longer are.

What is magic to you?
Anything you feel in nature. Whether it’s a stillness that’s almost audible or fears that can start bubbling up. These are messages being transmitted to you from Mother Earth. Listen up!

What is love for you?

What is your beauty/health practice?
Being barefoot in the forest as much as possible for those tasty Earth electrons and cold water therapy! I love dips in an icy river and I always finish my shower with cold water. It’s boosts the metabolism, tightens the skin and doesn’t dry it out. I have a circulatory disease, and contrary to convention, cold water therapy has been a powerful medicine for me.

I practice intermittent fasting and it has been so beneficial for my body. My diet is rich is fats, ferments, and fungi! And now that it’s growing season in my area, more wild foods. I don’t wear make-up and only put products on my skin that I could eat (like raw honey, bentonite clay, and naturally some Feathereaglesky oils!)

What makes your spirit glow?
Starting the day in my kitchen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and fell super nourished if I get to start my day by baking, developing recipes, or experimenting with different plant medicines. Basically, I’m happiest when I’m making (and eating) raw chocolates.

How do you stay centred in the middle of chaos?
Forest bathing! The practice of getting outside as a form of therapy to calm the nervous system. And my wild man, Stefano. He is the most grounded person I know and always reminds me when I need to chill out.

What causes/organisations are you passionate about?
Educating women, in particular, about the importance of freedom of movement in clothing. This means abandoning garments that squeeze, bind, and suck in our beautiful bodies all the while hindering the natural flows of our digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

I also spend years in the fashion industry and saw first hand the negative impact it has on the environment and how it fosters egoism. I am extremely passionate about promoting sustainability and transparency in manufacturing and above all, fair-trade.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Ditch your bra and shoes and go outside!

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned mothering the world?
That we are pack animals by nature. We thrive when we are connected to our communities and habitats.