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Goddesses Share Their Secrets…

What is success to you?
Success to me is having complete freedom to do whatever it is I love,
without answering to anyone but myself. Making my own rules, defining my
own boundaries, and being completely authentic and reveling in it.

What is magic for you?
Magic is when everything culminates in a way you couldn’t have even dreamed
of. It’s when eyes meet but souls connect. It’s when there is language
between two souls, whether they be human or animal, and there is an
understanding there. It’s when you realize you are completely capable of
anything and you prove it to yourself. It’s when you discover you are
powerful and strong, despite any circumstances. Magic is invisible but
everywhere, and you can always feel it and notice it if you pay attention.

What is love for you?
Love begins with the self, ALWAYS, and extends to every living being. It is
sharing your authentic self. When you love yourself truly, it is mirrored
back to you from every direction. Then you see magic. Then the right people
come to you and you see them for who they are, and you can love them for
who they are, and help them to be the best version of themselves, while
completely accepting them where they’re at, and vice versa. Love is also
compassion for all life, appreciating everything we have, and helping any
person or animal that needs our help. It means helping this earth overall.
Everyone everywhere – when we love ourselves we can help the rest of the
world heal.

What is your beauty /health practice?
I have been a raw vegan for over 8 years, which has healed me more than I
can even fathom. My focus is on ripe fruit and an abundant amount of
greens, plus raw plant fats, mostly seeds, avocado, coconut. This keeps me
very energetic, slim, and my skin youthful and glowing, even at 38 years

Every day I begin with 2-3 hours of self-care, starting with lemon water (a
whole lemon blended with 32 ounces of water), I write 3 pages of
stream-of-consciousness writing, and I do some sort of movement. This can
be hiking in nature near where I live, hoop-dancing, running, stretching,
lake swimming, sex, martial arts, and many other forms of movements I love
– as long as they are fun and I enjoy them – this is key to staying active.
I then have a large green smoothie. I meditate.

For my beauty regime, I dry-skin-brush and have a contrast shower. The
products I use for hair and skin are organic, natural products, or
home-made beauty treatments. I rarely wear make-up on my skin anymore, but
I do love to wear eyeliner and darken my eyebrows, and sometimes I wear
lipstick just because I love it. I never feel I need make-up, but I use it
as a way to express myself or be creative. I rarely cut my hair or dye it,
but only use natural black dye if I do.

I also get some sunshine (though not too much, I prefer a more pale
complexion), get my feet on the bare earth, and orgasm as much as I can. I
get plenty of sleep, and keep my stress levels as low as possible. I avoid
drama and negativity. This all contributes to beauty – mentally and

What makes your spirit glow?
When I accomplish something I set out to do. Reading beautiful fiction or
inspirational books. Traveling, having adventures. Massages. Writing. Any
immersion in nature, especially swimming in rivers or lakes or the ocean.
SURFING. Martial arts. Being around animals. My little dog. Intense
love-making with my boyfriend. Helping people with their health issues.
Freedom, to do and be what I want – above all else.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Meditation, and questioning my beliefs, Byron Katie-style. I focus on
reality, and stop fighting it, because when I fight reality I lose, but
only 100% of the time. I also write it out, and up my self-care, because if
I don’t take care of myself first, I can’t fully function or care properly
for others.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
I am passionate about veganism but I don’t force my opinions on others. I
accept people where they are. Animal rights are exceptionally important to
me. I am also very passionate about the environment and try my best to live
sustainably. My other main cause is to fight the dog meat trade in Asia, as
it is the most barbaric thing I’ve ever seen. The Animal Hope and Wellness
Foundation (in California), and Soi Dog in Thailand, are the ones I support
the most. I’m also passionate about women’s rights, illiteracy, and
especially helping people heal naturally without relying on Western
medicine. There’s a spark of Anarchy in me, too.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
You can do anything you can possibly imagine, even if you only take small
steps to get there. You’re more powerful than you realize. *Realize it. *And
eat plants.

If you’re not a mother, how do you mother the world?
I only eat plants, for one, because animal agriculture is the main cause of
every environmental issue out there. Since I was a kid, to recycle, reuse,
and reduce my footprint on the planet has been ingrained in me, and I do
what I can to minimize my footprint on this world. My scraps are composted,
my plastics are minimized and all recycled, and I mostly buy used things.
My garbage output is a small bag every few months.

I am not a mother to any of my own children, but I am a mother to my dog,
to all animals who cross my path, and I am basically a step-mother to my
boyfriend’s twin 8 year old boys. I want to be a healthy female role model
for them, as their mother is troubled and has addiction issues, and so I
maintain that role of strength and health, ethics and confidence, without
every trying to replace her, as nothing can replace your real mother.