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Goddesses Share Their Secrets

What is success to you?
I’ve learned to lessen the importance of success, so that failure never enters my vocabulary. My idea of success are little accomplishments along the way. More having to do with accepting myself in the world and having a certain unabashed presence. All of this has come with age, which I really love. I have been fortunate enough to have a family that believes firmly in never compromising one’s goals
and passions for mediocrity.

What is magic for you?
Moments of discovery, when worlds collide, when the unexpected happens. When I fully TRUST myself. When I lay down in the dirt, sand or water and completely surrender myself to the sky.

What is love for you?
I am a firm believer if you can’t love yourself you wont’ have enough strength to fully love another. I don’t always love myself, and am completely honest about that. I am constantly aware of how I’m coping in the world, and often slow down to take a deep breath and give myself a big hug. SUCCESS. Love has no limits and no expectations. I strive to extend that beyond myself to all the people/animals/surroundings in my life. Forgiveness and allowing people to just be who they are feels like an important part of the meaning to love.

What is your beauty /health practice?
Finding my center and radiating myself out into the world and to all the people I’ve met or will meet. That makes me beautiful, inside and out. With age I’m aware of my physical body needing that attention. I listen to my body as much as possible, try never to obsess about perfection. The body can hear you!! Movement has become incredibly important and water. Lots of water!! I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, so don’t particularly care much for looking beautiful in a conventional way, I usually try to not be noticed.. that’s a part of self LOVE, i’m working on. Lately, I like to stand in front of the mirror after a quick wash and splash of cold water and look into my eyes and take that moment to really SEE myself. Sometimes it makes me laugh,and sometimes it makes my boyfriend laugh. It feels good and it does the trick.

What makes your spirit glow?
Traveling. It’s the thing I crave more than anything else in this world.. I crave the world. To see and be a part of it, maybe only for a moment the vastness and richness. Then returning to New Mexico, and the silence. That beautiful silence, there is nothing like it. Also Learning! I want to know and experience everything!!! I will never be educated enough. There is so much to knowand see and do. This really keeps me inspired and striving for growth. Also I learned at a young age how to spend time alone. I’m never afraid to be alone. I love that time to myself.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I choose not to participate, but if I find myself in chaos, staying neutral is so important for me. Surrounding myself in light and navigating my way thru, by again listening to my body and heart, and by doing that I know that calms everything and everybody around me. I’ve also found that its really important to surround myself with people and situations that are supporting beauty and health of mind and spirit.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
Quality vs. Quantity. I am so passionate about this. I strive to only have a few things that I need and love around me. Even though I work in Fashion, I wear practically the same thing every day until it falls to pieces. I don’t wear or buy anything made in China. My apple computer and phone are my only Chinese purchases. Not because I don’t love China as a country, but because they have come to represent this fast fashion and quantity over quality movement. It sickens me how much we waste and how we buy things we don’t need with no thought to where it will end up or where it comes from. As a country we have lost our own manufacturing and production, which destroys communities and towns. I always strive for beauty,quality and craftsmanship and locally grown food. Supporting small designers and makers.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Love yourself, love the ones around you, love the earth and be aware of who you are in the world. Be conscious!!!! Teach others and raise your children to be conscious as well. Speak your truth.

How do you Mother the world?
I certainly don’t feel I do as much as I can in this department. I take steps in my own community to be aware of the immediate concerns. Whether it be water conservation or making sure that where ever I travel to I leave the smallest trace of my existence behind.