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Goddesses Share Their Secrets…

What is success to you?
Feeling in harmony with all aspects of myself, and watching the world organize around that. So when my thoughts/heart/actions align and I feel a deep sense of inner peace, then I carry that into the world around me, that to me is success.

What is magic to you?
Invisible forces shaping visible ones. That for me, is magic. And it’s happening all the time. Healing physical systems with the mind, or a gesture of the hands, is also magic, and that too, is happening all of the time.

What is love to you?
Mmmmm. Love. The feeling literally in my heart that sends waves through my entire body, cleansing any tension or discomfort, and bringing the deepest sense of relaxation and healing. Peace. Joy. A desire to be engaged with just what is presenting itself…

What is your beauty/health practice?
Lots of sleep. Regular movement/exercise. Qigong. Clean water all the time. Occasional acupuncture and cranial work. Time in my garden. Time outside. Self-massage. Meditation. Love.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
I remember “God”. The Divine Source of all that is. That which breathes life into each moment and each living thing. This often means working with my mind. Constantly observing my thoughts and directing them towards that place of Trust. Deep, real trust that it’s all ok, no matter how uncomfortable it feels at the time. It also helps to remember my sense of humor!!! And bring that, and a little love/compassion, into the overwhelming situations.

What makes your spirit glow?
My Man. He is the mirror of my own wildest, deepest, most complex and most simple nature. My love for him must make my spirit glow. And then there is running down to the ocean, as fast as my feet will take me, and diving into those icy cold waters….And dancing…..

What causes are you passionate about?
Right now I am particularly engaged with the Vaccine topic- a controversial topic to say the least. California has just passed a law that absolutely mandates a long list of vaccines for children entering school. The schedule of vaccines starts with Hepatitis B in newborns, a disease that is transmitted and only starts to appear in teens. The risks of vaccines are still in major debate, and taking away a parents right to choose or be selective about vaccines is something that should be a basic human right, I think. So I helped secure $10k in seed money for a new non-profit that a local Osteopath founded to educate physicians on the real risks of vaccines. They have just opened a lawsuit against the State of CA to challenge this new legislation.

If you could say one thing to the world, what would be be?

What is the greatest lesson you have learned being a mother?
Humility and Modesty. Those seem to be the most important daily practices in our daily push to get fed, clothed, washed, to and from school, soccer, the store when necessary. With this comes the ability to apologize to my children when they deserve an apology.

What advice would you give to a new mother?
Cast away what “they” say, and write your own script. Maybe read Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin, as it all starts there. How we hold our babies in utero, through birth and beyond sets the imprint for their entire lives. So education yourself before you give birth!!! And, when you are in labor, remember your baby is there, going through each and every step with you. So, instead of relating to the pain, relate to your LOVE. LOVE. Send your baby LOVE with each and every contraction. Soften, open, remember “God”. Your God. That which is holding you when you can no longer hold yourself. Give yourself into that. That LOVE that you have for the Divine, and this child which you are about to meet. Let every contraction be an invitation to love more deeply. Surrender more fully. Trust more completely that you are in the hands of the Divine. Trust that. Trust yourself and your ability. It is but a threshold. A doorway you are walking through into your next embodiment as Mother. So feel everything. Feel it completely, and find who you are. These are the tools you will need on the other side….Please, don’t give them away.