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What is success to you?
For me, success is a feeling, and one that that is always changing. Rather, it is hard work and it is loving oneself no matter what. There is a part of me that wants to attach success to a timeline, weaving it through moments past, broken, and eventually fallen apart. The very moments that, though difficult, have helped to shape who I am today. You know, the messy, the chaotic, the stressful, and the painful. They too are part of the success that I feel today, realizing that it might not always be easy, but it will most likely be ok in the end if you just remember to love yourself no matter how heavy the weight on your shoulders is. Success is there, between the paychecks, past due notices, and jobs. You just might have to look a little closer.

What is magic for you?
Magic is when the words flow through my finger tips, rushing onto the paper like they’re in some of hurry, and often times stumbling over each other in a beautiful inspiration-packed kind of way. Magic is when I close my eyes and can still here the chatter of loved ones in the room over, peacefully falling asleep their joyful hum while the scent of delicious food lingers in the air. Magic is a sun-soaked adventure, puppy snuggles, chocolate, an all consuming book, rushing rivers, mountains, and an invigorating hike. Magic is, and always has been, the little things.

What is love for you?
Love is big, electric, radiant, confusing, fulfilling, challenging, and life changing. Love is trying to move from one moment to the next with ease and forgiveness. Its abruptness and unique matter makes it even more intriguing and worthy of time, thought, attention, and compassion, and understanding. One of my favorite things about it is that it’s never straightforward, yet somehow it has a way of encouraging you to hone in on what you find to be most important. Most worth treasuring.

What is your beauty/health practice?
As many kind thoughts as I can cram into one day, that, and a few mindfully made, organic, and nutrient rich products here and there. I have been fighting Chronic Lyme Disease for over 15 years now, and one of the most detrimental sides to this illness is the way it chips away at your self confidence, pushing those negative thoughts to the forefront of your every move, especially your beauty and health practice. It’s taken a lot of back and forth, and even more tears, to start loving the face that I see in the mirror every day. In fact, I would say this will be a life long practice, one that I am more than willing to dedicate myself too since kind thoughts and a purposeful and love health practice are key components to not only how we inwardly feel, but outwardly as well.

What makes your spirit glow? How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
Writing, as I mentioned above, and travel. As well as community and communication with those that love me no matter what kind of chaos I’ve landed myself in, whether it be through accidental words or action, or obstacles that have come hurdling my way without warning or want. Of course, I cannot forget yoga and nature, anything really that pushes me to get outside and clear my head of all the rubble.

What causes/ organizations are you passionate about?
Mental Health awareness, as well as any/all organizations that are designed to help those with Lyme Disease. Whether that be through raising funds for treatment, or simply creating a positive and uplifting platform for those suffering to feel motivated and supported by, every little counts and really does go a long way.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Take however you’re feeling in this moment, this moment right now, and know that it will be ok, and that you will, like you have so many times before, rise up. Rise up and see that all you are right now is enough. That you are more than enough.