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Goddesses Share Their Secrets…

What is success to you?
Success to me is being in integrity with all things I do. With the way I interact with people, with everything I create, with the way I make my money, with the way I see myself.

It’s continuing to be radiant, vulnerable, creative and hopefully inspiring to the people who need it. Personally, a successful life for me is creating conscious media that showcases the talents and messages of incredible humans. And also to continue to create sustainable products that inspire people to create more awareness and ritual in their lives. Basically what i’m doing now… but on a continuously larger scale.

What is magic for you?
Magic is the Earth. The intricacies of all that is here. The elements. The plants. Noticing the little details. Gratitude. Marvelling at the sky, or the moon, or the fire. Creating ceremonies with these elements to uplift and heal yourself and others.

What is love for you?
The gaze of awe-filled recognition from your lover or friends. When you feel so seen, heard, and honored by someone… and to let that sink in and burst out through your heart. Love is feeling so held and supported by the Earth too…

When you’re laying on the ground or the sand, crying / releasing stuck energy and knowing that the Earth’s got you and that you’re giving it all up to something so much grander and limitless than anything you could ever experience in this human life. Love is trusting that you’re here for good things, and focusing on that service-filled perspective on life.

What is your beauty / health practice?
I always take time in the morning to drop into my body. To stretch and open up my hips, breathe deep and shake out all of yesterday’s energy. I love doing bend backs and handstands in the morning, just to get my blood flowing in a new way.

I’m pretty natural and simple with beauty products. I concocted my own essential oil perfume blend so I wear that, then usually a little Paw-Paw gel, natural moisturizer & mascara and i’m ready.

I make potent tonics in the mornings which I always look forward to! They’re a combination of cacao, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, chaga etc…), a probiotic powder, fresh ginger/turmeric, dates to sweeten, and usually almond milk. So damn good. That always gets me glowing and ready to begin my day! I love sharing them with beautiful friends and watching them enjoy.

What makes your spirit glow?
Jumping in the ocean, or a waterfall, or any body of water really! Getting my heart-rate going by dancing or running or swimming. Being in service, and helping share the good messages of people. Being creative – in any way!

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
By not going into the stories in my head or the ones other people are spinning. By seeing it all from the birds eye perspective. By asking myself how I can be more in service. By breathing deep and taking time to ground in, back to my real self. By always being willing to be humbled. By just holding a strong, kind, aware presence through it all.

What causes / organizations are you passionate about?
I love what Sea Shepherd continues to do for our oceans and marine life. They rock.

I’m super passionate about helping to support the next generation so I love any organization that’s doing rites of passage or educational programs for young girls and boys. So, so important for us to be supported, educated and held in the right way from a young age so we can carry that forward in our lives. There’s one called Future Dreamers that i love.

I’m supportive of any organization that’s striving to create a better world! We’re all called to help different areas of the movement, and we’ve got to listen to what really hits home for us and actively support that area of the revolution… because there’s so many different issues to address, it can seem overwhelming! Focus on what calls you most.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
Look up at the sky, stand tall, breathe deep, drop into gratitude, and then do all actions from that place, every day.

What advice would you give to a new mother?
Listen. Be humbled. Allow them to transform you. Be so present and grateful.