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Christinna Thisgaard
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Christinna Thisgaard

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What is success to you? 
Success to me is when I feel good in my everyday life. When there is a balance where I feel strong and healthy. Success is freedom, the freedom to live my own life and to spend my time as I please.

What is magic for you?
Magic is sitting in front of a fire. Magic is being immersed in nature. Magic is being in the mountains and watching the insane night sky together with my angel Jessika! Magic is the moon and the sun!


What is love for you?
Ahhh LOVE is so much! Love is my beautiful wild daughter! It is when I see her laugh and live freely. It gives me butterflies in my stomach to look at her. She is the biggest love I've ever met.

Love is also taking care of myself and I don’t take it lightly. Solitude is very important for me. Love is also when I share a good meal with my friends. Love is being humble and caring for the people around you and beyond them. Love is all the small things of the everyday life that we tend to take for granted though they are there to be found everyday. 

What is your beauty/ health practice?
My beauty and health practice is being grateful and gentle with myself. It is to nourish my body with the best organic food I can find and lots of greens. Moving my body everyday, it could be a walk in the forrest, dancing, stretching, running, lifting weights, to keep the energy moving.

The best health practice is really to take care of me, both from the inside with good food, but also from the outside.
I use FeatherEagleSky for my skin and it is the best. My skin eats it all up haha, not kidding! But another thing that is my health practice  is really to  spend time with the people I love. It's such an underrated health tip. 

What makes your spirit glow?

My spirit glows when I stay present and have a full day in nature, that feels so good!! It makes everything better! 

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
What keeps me centered in the middle of the chaos is what makes my spirit be present and to spend a lot of time in nature. Being around and close to my husband also helps me stay centered. 

What causes/ organizations are you passionate about?

I'm insanely passionate about holistic health, it is my obsession to be honest, it is just like a cause to me.
I so badly want to help people heal. The body is AMAZING at healing, IF you give it the right circumstances. Today we mostly rely on “sick care” and I can’t be a part of that. We have so much power over ourselves. I see people all the time with say an autoimmune disease yet when they place their body in the right context, they no longer have ANY symptoms. Because when you look at the WHOLE person, then you can really get to the root cause and that is what I am highly passionate about. 

If you could say one thing to the world what you would say?
I would say, work on you “inner child." Seriously, if people could all heal their past traumas and work on those old destructive patterns I think we would treat the planet, ourselves and other people better. It all starts with YOU!

What has been the greatest lesson as a mother you’ve learned?
The greatest lesson I have learned after becoming a mother is to live my life fully and to be much more present and authentic. I never went back to live the same way after I had my child. Motherhood really shows me how fast time is passing by and I want to enjoy it as much as I can.
What advice you would give to a new mother? 
I would give a new mother no particular advise because the journey into motherhood is very different for each mother. However I would give ALL the people around the mother a good advice: please be there for her, bring her food, love and help with cleaning, for she isn't just spending her time and energy caring about a baby toy; she's exhausted, very sensitive and she needs LOVE! Help her out by being present and caring. 



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What is love for you?
Seeing the other as the Self. Leading with altruism. Wanting and working towards the uplifting of all.