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Melody Yoko Reilly

Melody Yoko Reilly


Our new Goddess is Melody Yoko Reilly, a model, actor, yogi, and activist. She radiates a beauty that isn’t just physical but from the heart, and a humble kindness that makes you instantly feel all her inner sweetness! Below is the kind note Melody sent to me.

Highest Blessings,



Hi Jessika

Thank you so much for thinking of me to post on your blog. I am so excited and honored to be a part of your tribe. I was so drawn to you even in this day and age of a screen as a filter for your pure raw honesty and authenticity, your connection to the world, and your powerful energy! I am not one to be online a lot but since this pandemic I have been much more deliberate of the visuals and stories I surround myself with. I feel that I am only beginning in my journey back home to myself but I know in honesty that this journey had started long before I can remember. Coming back into remembrance is what I am focusing on now. Getting back to my heart and soul song. Thank you for your light! I hope one day we can meet in person and spend time dancing and singing together somewhere!

Much love to you beautiful Queen.

With love,


What is success to you?

Success to me is living a life filled with love, a deep respect for truth, and being helpful to others. Success to me is sharing my experience with others and finding meaningful connections with the natural life around me. I hope to be able to be a source of love for others and to continue my practices of self-healing and collaborative healing to create a more beautiful world.

What is magic for you?

Magic for me is the undeniable moments of awe, splendor, and complete surrender into the unknown. Magic for me is something I look for in everyday and in each moment. When I am still and have a deep knowing that everything is perfect.

What is love for you?

Love for me is one of the most powerful experiences that exists. Love is every breath, every moment I have on this planet. Love for me is being able to make someone happy. I aim to use my words, thoughts, and deeds to express the highest love.

What is your beauty/health practice?

My beauty practice is to get back to basics. Find the most pure and simple ingredients to live naturally and glow from the inside out. The best beauty elixir is love. The best skin care I give myself is swimming in the ocean and being in the sun, drinking lots of water, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, and moving my body. I love yoga, dancing, running, meditating, cooking, singing, playing, crying and laughing a lot!

What makes your spirit glow?

What a beautiful question. Being in nature, being in sunshine, swimming in the ocean, traveling and meeting new people, sharing stories of life, and spending time with my friends who love and accept me for exactly who I am make my spirit glow. When I become still and open to allow for the Great Spirit to flow through me and to hear what She is speaking. My spirit glows when I am surrounded by love.


How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?

I have been practicing a set of energization exercises originally taught by Paramhansa Yogananda as well as chanting in Sanskrit and using meditation and exercise to connect to me to my center. A meditation that I love and always helps to ground me into my body and the space around me is to feel a ball of energy at my Hara-point or Lower-Dantian, which is located at the center of your inner organs about two to three fingers width below the navel. From here I allow my energy to travel down through my seat, through the ground, through the top layer of Earth, and move deeper and deeper until I feel I have connected to the center of the Earth. Once connected to the center of the Earth, I slowly travel back up following the line of energy back into my center and continue to move up through the center of my body moving parallel to my spine and through the top of my head and continuing up through the sky, through the layers of atmosphere and out into space, continuing until I feel I have connected to the center of the Universe. I sit there and breath as I feel the energy traveling down from the universe through my body to the center of the Earth, and back up from the center of the Earth to the center of the Universe. My body is the channel, like a necessary piece to connect these two great forces to exchange information and communicate. I am receiving and exchanging information as well, like on a three-way call, through energy.

When I am not meditating, I like to journal as it is a safe place for me to express whatever thoughts are in my head, with no judgement, to be able to observe myself and give space for movement.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?

One cause that I am passionate about is Chhanv Foundation. They started the campaign "Stop Acid Attacks" in India and also provide a way for women who have experienced acid attacks to work at a cafe called Sheroes Hangout. I am always inspired by the strength and beauty these women have and I hope to one day be able to go to Agra, India.
I have a close loved one who is battling cancer everyday as a young child, I am a passionate supporter of all children. I like to do what I can to support or spend time being with kids to share love and create fun memories in their lives.
I grew up near the ocean and my family is connected by the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the United States of America. The ocean is so important to me. It is a place for me to be free and feel the incredible force of nature. I have had so many life changing experiences with water. The Surfrider Foundation is one of the organizations that are protecting our oceans from plastic. Plastic is one of the things I see the most impact from whenever I am at the beach or even swimming in the ocean. It is our responsibility to be aware of our impact on this invaluable ecosystem and how we can live in better harmony with the world around us.
I am also passionate about equality for all. We are all human and must come to recognize that we are one species. 

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?


How do you mother the world?

I mother the world by giving thanks to all mothers who have come before me. I honor and praise all women and the miracle that is their body temple and womb. I hope to be a friend to the world, with a smile or hello. I mother the world by being a mother to myself. I am so grateful to all of the incredible women and men in my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for inspiring me with your pure existence.


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