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We asked 7 incredible goddesses about their views on love, magic, mothering and the world. Here are their responses.

What is success to you?
– Success is a process. Its not any one accomplishment or milestone or breakthrough. It has no pinnacle, no summit. True success is greater than the sum of its parts. It is all the small steps we take, all the failures we trip over and all the courage we muster to get up and keep going for there is no success without the posibility of failure. The goals we meet while on our jounrey are reminders of our desire and our dedication to live from within our highest truths. To be in a state of success, one must accept the process and live it.

What is magic to you?
-Magic is the inexplicable and often beautifully paradoxical splendor of the Universe. It is in our DNA, it shows through our eyes, it twists and winds through nature without notion of itself. It is the little coincidence and the impossible miracle. It does not require our belief. But when we allow for our understandings of things to take a less linear form, we open ourselves to experiencing it.

What is love for you?
– Love is a journey. It leads us to the most honest parts of ourselves without judgment. It is the light we crave and the depths that we fear and it requires of us a persistance of inner growth if it is to flourish around us. Love is not so much a feeling as a doing, a being. Its path is seldom easy but its power is intoxicating. I might venture to say it is the combination of Success and Magic.

What is your beauty /health practice?
– I take my cues from Nature and respect the cycles as they feed into eachother. I eat meat that I have personally met, High quality fats (lard,oils etc) and vegetables that hold a high frequency. Forgive me for sounding like a hippie but when I grocery shop I pick the fruits and veggies that have the most Qi. The ones that are most vibrant. I cook most every meal and never cook while angry. I eat a “primal” diet but allow for, what I lovingly call “dietary indiscretions” once or twice a week. I believe its important to stay firm but flexible when it comes to eating habits and above all, eat to nourish my body. Food is medicine or poison; either way it is the foundation of our physical health or lack of. All things fitness related in my world revolve around fun. I don’t care for gyms and excersise machines. Climbing, Hiking and Riding are what I do. If its boring, its not worthy of my time.

What makes your spirit glow?
– What makes my spirit glow? I feel like this is an existential question 😉 So many things feed the light of my spirit. The warm pink and orange of sun rise or set on the mountains, the glory of eating precisely what I was craving, the thankful expression on a patient’s face as they leave the clinic, watching my dog become a polar bear in the last patches of snow in the spring, traveling, pretending to eat my son’s toes and hearing him laugh, an amazing morning BM and of course… double rainbows.

How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos?
-In all Honesty, staying centered in the middle of chaos is something I am continually working on. I am great in epic situations (climbing, storm has come in, have to make a shelter and stick it out), but give me 3 dead lines, no child care and my inlaws and I have a hard time. Staying centered amid chaos is a practice for me.

What causes /organizations are you passionate about?
– I am passionate about food, nutrition and health in general. Making sure that my patients have tools to help themselves. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to health. Living in a more sustainable manner, cutting down on “stuff”, growing our own food and minimalizing the inanimate things around me. I am also passionate about medicine. Not allopathic medicine with its foundation in chemisrty but medicine with culture and a basis in biophysics.

If you could say one thing to the world what would you say?
– I would tell the world “ITS ALL RELATIVE” and encourage everyone to marinate on what that actually means.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned being a mom?
– The most important thing I have learned since motherhood was about myself. I came to find out that I am a much more patient person than I ever thought. This insight gave me a new perspective of myself that has been very powerful.

What advice would you give a new mother to be?
While I am still a new mom myself the only advice I would give a mother-to-be is find the patience and stillness within yourself to appreciate every moment. You don’t have to enjoy every moment but learn to appreciate them. You have no idea how fast time flies until you have a baby.