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Earth Face Mask is loaded with Mother Earth’s bounty: clays, spices, flowers, essences, and resins. It is a remarkable healing mask that is as close to mother earth as her dirt. This nature Earth Mask treat will literally renew, repair, and smooth ALL skin types. Nature never disappoints.

French Green Clay Mother Earth’s Love! Clay rose from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the earth, during millions of years of weathering, water and wind turned the hard volcanic deposits into soft clay. The mineral elements which were carried out with the water from neighboring deposits were trapped in clay molecules. Mothers Earth’s clays contain over 50 different minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, silicon, copper, selenium, and more. Clays are remarkable they literally lift dead skin and refine the skin. Add Camu Camu one of nature’s highest sources of Vitamin C, which initiates the production of collagen, White Turmeric which brings blood flow to the skin, Vanilla Bean powder is calming and a natural antioxidant, highly ground wild harvested Corsican flowers which calm and heal skin, along with heart- opening rose petals, and the sacred resin of Frankencense… and VOLIA you have Mother Earth’s supreme wisdom in a jar! YOU WILL GLOW!

Apply Sun Face Mist and Beauty Face Oil for the Ultimate Ritual!

ACTIVATE: Mix equal parts of powder with drops of water, or Sun Face Mist,
stir into a clay consistency. Apply to face and neck. Dry. Rinse. Add
Beauty Face Oil. A perfect weekly home Ritual!

Our Products are more than just skin care,
they are a ritual of self love. they affirm daily
that without makeup, without a mask, you are enough. For
everyone, when they are truly themselves, is beautiful.
Reclaim Pureness